Deter Street Racing in Georgia

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The state of Georgia, especially the Metro Atlanta area including Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, and other populous areas have been negatively impacted by the reckless street racing issue.  This has created disregard for human life and unsafe conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists and impacted the quality of life for citizens.

Since early 2020, the U.S. as well as the State of Georgia have been battling the COVID-19 epidemic, which has caused more and more youth and young adults to engage in thrill-seeking street racing on the streets of our towns and cities at alarming rates. As a result, there have been more accidents and unfortunately, deaths at the hand of this careless activity. Racing on the streets has proliferated and will increasingly compromise safety.

Most recently, a beloved member of the DeKalb County community -- Jaye Sanford was among those who lost her life to such a senseless act, which for many has sparked a call to action in the upcoming 2021 Legislative Session.

We are asking for greater enforcement of existing laws as well as instituting stiffer penalties for street racing causing vehicular homicides or serious accidents.

Greater enforcement will ensure that our city and neighborhoods are safe and will, in turn, keep the name of Mrs. Sanford as well as other victims like her -- alive.