GULC Should Switch to Mandatory Pass/Fail

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Part of being an engaged citizen / student / colleague is standing up for what you believe in. Please join us in opposing Georgetown Law's decision to choose optional pass fail over mandatory pass fail.

Students who are the most vulnerable should not be compared to those who will not be affected by COVID-19. Those who are in the best situations should not capitalize off of their peers' misfortune.

The majority of our peer schools - both in and out of the T14 - are choosing mandatory pass/fail.

Students who opt to take P's in classes will be compared to those who take grades. Employers may inquire as to what the grade actually was. Employers may overlook the candidate who took P's in favor of the one who took grades. But this will not necessarily be based on merits - but on the amount of privilege one has during the upcoming months. 

The bottom line: we shouldn't capitalize off of our peers' vulnerability during this time.

Sign this petition to make clear to Georgetown Law's faculty and administration that you are opposed to this decision as it does not represent our community's best interest.