George Mason University: Rescind Offer of Admission to Neo-Nazi Andrew Brewer

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It has come to the attention of the George Mason University Student Body that neo-Nazi and self-defined white supremacist Andrew Brewer has been accepted into George Mason University. Andrew has sought membership in Patriot Front, an avowed white supremacist organization, openly identifies as a fascist, and has expressed anti-LGBTQIA+, anti-semitic, and racist beliefs. 

George Mason University claims it is dedicated to supporting its various diverse communities and to fighting the injustices of racism. Per GMU's Undergraduate Admissions Policies, "Mason reserves the right to rescind offers of admission if applicants fail to (1) successfully complete their current academic program, (2) maintain grades that meet the requirements for admission to George Mason, and (3) exhibit exemplary personal conduct prior to enrollment.

If allowed to enroll and enter the Class of 2024, Mr. Brewer would become yet another glaring example that Mason cares only for its minority communities when convenient. Furthermore, it would show the students of GMU that, to the administration and office of admissions, Mr. Brewer's white supremacy is not only not a dealbreaker but a shining example of "exemplary personal conduct."

Thus, we the undersigned demand that the University enact its admissions policy and rescind Andrew Brewer’s admission to George Mason University.

To further view Andrew Brewer's white supremacist/racist conduct, click here.