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George Gascón Must Resign

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We have a man who doesn’t like homosexuals, is a hypocrite racist in his own office, promotes Islamophobia, promotes Anti-Semitic abuse, prefers white Caucasians versus diversity in his office, abuses tax dollars, creates a fictitious commission to cover his own wrong doings with no agenda, clearly doesn’t know how to lead, is an ego-maniac with a temper problem, does back door deals for his own political gain, is purely corrupt in no simple way, and won’t prosecute white DAs that openly commit crimes in his own office – so why do we have him in power?

George Gascón, District Attorney of San Francisco, has promoted injust favoritism, abuse of power, obstruction of justice and racism in his office during his tenure. We are asking you to get involved to remove him from office. San Francisco deserves better. Our outcry, against this justice, on Facebook page has accumulated over 100,000 followers in one week.

How many more leaks from his internal office have to be released showing his wrong doings before he is removed? Please hold yourself true to the commitment of serving this great nation. We want Gascón removed from the SF District Attorney office.

  1. Leak #1: Corruption within George Gascón’s District Attorney’s Office Revealed!
  2. Leak #2: Meet O'Bryan Joseph Kenney, the DA that works under George Gascón who got a DUI in 2014 by blowing a 0.13 and through his connections with the DA got it reduced to a Wet Reckless with no punishment from his office. Kenney continues to prosecute cases in San Francisco District Attorney's Office, including prosecuting DUIs.
  3. Leak #3: How George Gascón hired 2 more Crooked DAs charged with Prosecutorial Misconduct from Solano County.
  4. Leak #4: How George Gascón Controls the San Francisco Media.
  5. Explosive Leak #5!: George Gascón’s House of Cards crumbling. Homophobic, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitic, Racist, and more.
  6. Leak #6: SF District Attorney, Linda Allen, lied to the members of a jury by performing prosecutorial misconduct during her closing arguments, which sentenced an African-American, Jamal Trulove, to life in imprisonment for murder.

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