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Another Message from Jules of Gearslutz

Cam Ran
Salem, MA, United States

Jan 18, 2021 — 

Thanks to everyone for signing, sharing, and keeping up the discussion! As I write this we are getting closer to 5,000 signatures, which feels awesome. 

This has blown up more than I could have ever expected and has launched a huge debate in the audio community. People are really angry about this request for a name change - they view it as censorship, "snowflakery", and unnecessary. There's been a lot of negative backlash and vitriol, but there's also been tremendous support. 

If we were talking about some random website that had no relevance to pro audio, of course it wouldn't necessitate a name change. But we're not. We are talking about one of the most widely used sources for audio online. We are talking about a website that refers to THEMSELVES as the "NO. 1 WEBSITE FOR PRO AUDIO". 

While the last discussion that was posted about the petition was deleted, there's a new one up on "The Moan Zone" section of their website. How nice. Here's a link: Gearslutz Petition on The Moan Zone

Additionally, Jules has posted a formal statement on the Gearslutz site, which is locked and doesn't allow any comments. It is pictured above, here is the link. (It's important to note that even if you select the "Gearsz" dropdown that is provided on the site if you're offended by the logo, the url still shows up as Gearslutz, and people have mentioned getting flagged at their workplace for using the site). 

Jules states that the name is not intended to be derogatory or to discourage women from participating in the forum, and I believe him. I don't think he created Gearslutz with the intention of causing harm or making women feel ostracized. Unfortunately, intention doesn't matter if your website has a slur for women in it. Intention doesn't matter when a 17 year old girl comes across the Number 1 Site for Pro Audio after getting interested in recording and feels discouraged and ostracized. Intention does not matter when teachers and professors want to share this website with their students and are too embarrassed to do so because the name is uncomfortable and hurtful. 

We are going to keep pushing for Gearslutz to change their name. Thanks for standing up and let's keep the momentum going. 

For anyone interested, there's a really awesome thread over on Hey Audio Student where someone asked women and marginalized people to speak about their experiences of discrimination in the audio field (after an extreme amount of backlash when the Gearslutz petition was posted there). There are almost 300 comments. Many of them are heartbreaking. If you would like to read it, here it is 


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