Release Betty Broderick! She Has Served Her Time For Her Crime. Let Her Go!

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Elizabeth "Betty" Broderick was convicted of Second Degree Murder for taking the lives of her ex-husband and his wife, Dan and Linda Broderick.  It was a highly publicized trial.  Betty has served her sentence and should be given clemency, a pardon, or be paroled.  There has been many other inmates that have been convicted of first degree murder and even ones that were given life without parole that have been freed.

Betty has great remorse and regret for what she did over 30 years ago.  She has helped many women in the prison system by teaching and helping them get their GED's.  She has been an exemplary prisoner with great rapport with the staff, has worked, has passed all mental exams, No addiction history, and is NO threat to society.  She has done everything the state of CA and prison system has asked of her so at 72 years of age and in ill health, she should be freed and given the same chance as others to live the remaining years of her life.  Keeping her behind bars will not change what happened 30 years ago, but she certainly has repaid her debt to society.

There is a show called Dirty John that will premiere its second season featuring the Betty Broderick Story.  People continue to profit off Betty and the murders of Dan and Linda Broderick.  She will never have a fair chance with parole due to these productions that keep rehashing the negative horrible aspects of the case.