Release Elaine Wong, 70-Year-Old Mother, Grandmother, and Wife, Incarcerated at CCWF

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Thank you for supporting my mom, Elaine

Hello Friends/Family/Supporters, On behalf of my Mom, Elaine, and my family, I would like to show my appreciation for everyone who has signed her petition for release as well as those that have spread the word. Thanks to all of your efforts and help she has reached over 5800 signatures in just 2 months. While this is a very significant number the more signatures we can get the greater the impact and influence it will have when we present it to Governor Gavin Newsome. Time is of the essence as our state works to clamp down on COVID-19, still threatening the elderly inmates.  If we could ask you all to push and share, retweet, and/or email the petition once again to your social circles. We are so grateful for all of your support that we are heavily indebted to all of you.  As an update to the progress of her status I would like to let you all know that we are also reaching out to elected officials, organizations and individuals that would be willing to show their support and spread information on the petition to help my mother as well as other inmates seeking early release. Thank you again for all of your love and support through this, I cannot express in words how truly grateful we are. We hope she gains freedom soon. Warm regards, Glen Wong  

California Coalition for Women Prisoners
2 years ago