My father being released from prison after a 22 years

My father being released from prison after a 22 years

January 11, 2022
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Started by alvaneisha hill

My name is Alvaneisha Hill. I am the
eldest of Lonnie Brown's 3 daughters. From Fresno, Ca, but I live in Spokane Washington
with my Husband and our 6 children. Mr. Lonnie Charles Brown(56) is my father.
He is the best father that any woman could have despite of his
incarceration. Over the years My father always remained a great father. He
left me when I was 8 years old. I will be 30 yrs. old March 16th of this year.
Growing up without him in my life was very, very hard for me. It took a lot of
getting used to. I used to visit him all the time as a child and preteen. Long
rides from Fresno ca to different prisons every other weekend with me
grandmother, who is his mother. When she passed away July 14, 2008, it
was then our annual father and daughter visits slowly seemed to fade
away. Years would go by before I would see my father again. No matter
how many years passed our visits seemed as if we never missed any. I am
a truly daddy’s girl. My father has always been a great person inside and
out. From day one he has guided me down the correct paths in life. Even
though he has been incarcerated 20+ years. My father was sentenced to
life, but he has always made it his duty to be to be in my life the best way
he can. I really appreciate and acknowledge him for that. He is my best
friend, my adviser and so much more. I’m so thankful to be able to say I
have him in my life. Even though I can’t physically hug him when I ever I
need a hug, nor can I call him on a phone anytime my son’s need to hear
his voice. I’m just thankful that I can be able to say he is still here on earth
breathing. I’m so thankful for the wisdom that he has instilled in my sons
and I. His positively and strength goes a very long way. My father is a great
human being he deserves another chance at life. He deserves to achieve
his goals. He has come so far, regardless of where he is and situations that
he has been placed in. Lonnie Charles Brown is an outstanding man.
Despite of his past he has overcame so much in life. I would really love for
my 5 sons to be able to have their grandfather physically in their lives.
Since he has not been able to be physically in mines. (Except the prison
visits we’ve had). I have 5 sons. Ages 8,7,5,3, & 2 years old. I pray you
grant my father another chance at life. So, I’m writing this petition in hopes and
prayers that you may have leniency for my father. Give him another chance
at freedom another chance at being a wonderful father, and an even greater grandfather. My Father did not kill anyone, and he is not a rapist. He was young living for the world hanging with the wrong crowd and crossed paths with the wrong type of friend and drugs. The victim is alive healthy and free. I often see him when I visit Fresno, Ca. He makes it his point to let me know he knows me, and he did not want my father to get life. Please Help Me Bring Lonnie Charles Brown Home for His Entire Family He Has So Much Support! #FREELONNIEBROWN


This petition made change with 10 supporters!

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