Issue a State executive order to hold police accountable for unlawful action

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It is my hope that our Governor Gavin Newsom sees this proposal and takes the actions necessary to properly protect all of the citizens he has sworn to protect. The time for promises has long passed, it is now time to prove the sincerity of our words with action. This proposal by no means is a cure to the hundreds of years of systemic racism that has plagued our nation. It is not a magic pill that will fix the countless issues that our own State still faces to this day. But hopefully, it is enough of a step in the right direction to help bring people together and ensure a more fair playing field for all in the meantime. Please, if you agree that we need a realistic place to start addressing the issue of police brutality, share this with as many people as you can. #accountabilityca

Disclaimer Statement

This proposed plan is not intended to be a replacement for current procedures used to determine guilt and prosecute officers accused of criminal wrongdoing. I understand there are many complexities to the work that law enforcement does and the last thing I want this proposal to do is impede the effectiveness of our law enforcement or endanger the lives of those brave men and women who do put their lives on the line everyday for our safety.

It is however intended to ensure all officers are held responsible for the treatment of the citizens they have sworn to protect. Ensuring fair repercussions are felt for unlawful police action against any Californians. 

Proposed Orders #accountabilityca

I will update copy guidelines as suggestions come in, and corrections need to be made.

Order #1

It is illegal in the State of California for any officer to use race, sex, sexual orientation, or ethnic heritage as reason of suspicion. Whether the intent is verbalized or not.

Order #2

Officers documented using unnecessary force or who do not provide clear reasoning for arrest to any unarmed detainees when asked will be immediately suspended pending further investigation.

Order #3

All California officers must clearly state the reason for arrest to any unarmed detainees on audio/video record in addition to the reading of the Miranda Rights.

Order #3 - provision 1

If a California officer is found not providing this required statement into record they will receive one strike. After three subsequent strikes the officer will be demoted and placed on probation pending an officer record audit from an independent review board.

Order #3 - provision 2

If a California Officer is Does not provide this statement into record and a life threatening injury or death is suffered by the unarmed detainee, the arresting officer(s) will be immediately suspended without pay (health benefits will continue) pending further investigation by an independent review board.

Order #3 - provision 2 - requirement 1

The case must immediately go to the state judicial system for a determination of bias against race, sex, sexual orientation, or ethnic heritage.

Order #3 - provision 2 - requirement 2

Officers must be stripped of union protections and assigned a public defender as legal council. The officer has the right to their own personal council, however this representation must be free of any police union interference. 

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