California Beauty Industry Recovery and Relief funds are essential

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The California Beauty Industry, to no surprise, has been hit long and hard by Covid-19. With little to no financial support or assistance in March and April, we thought we would all go out of business; and many have.

As the weeks passed by, more and more financial disparities hit us, leaving even more of us without jobs to return to. Fast forward to end of June, with our tentative reopen date being possibly moved forward, we finally had a glimpse of hope. That glimpse was short lived- one day of hope. 

Some Salons and Barber Shops were able to reopen for a few weeks, only to get shut down, yet again. Our industry took this with outrage, rightfully so. 

We then get told we can reopen outdoors for haircuts only. With permits from the city and counties in which our businesses are located. 
Not only is this impossible, but it is not safer outside than in. 

From the self employed, the small shops and product sales, to the bustling salons and spas, we contribute significantly to the economy. As of last summer, our collective industry was worth $532 Billion.

One of the reasons we have had a hard time getting funding so far is because our industry uses many different business models. From sole proprietors, independent contractors, sales, educators, and W-2 licensed employees, to rental salons without any payroll, and many more. And, with recent announcements, it has become quite clear that we need a recovery and relief fund, as an industry. 

Our position as The California Beauty Alliance, is that our services are wholeheartedly valued and missed, but not essential. Additionally, we support opening when it is safe for our clients, communities, and beauty industry workers. We are fully prepared to wait as long as necessary and follow all the safety and distancing guidelines, along with stricter and more rigorous sanitation practices.

While we do personally support waiting until the later phases to protect stylists, clients, and the community as a whole, we also understand there are varying views, opinions and thoughts on the matter and want to stand in solidarity as an industry. Even if we don't agree on everything I think we can agree our industry needs a #californiabeautyrecoveryandrelieffund 

Yes, we do have training in proper disinfection and sanitation, but we are not trained to keep our clients safe outdoors from other outdoor dangers we don’t see in our work spaces.

As an industry in California, we are coming together to demand a recovery and relief fund for each one of us suffering.