Not Fit For Purpose?

Not Fit For Purpose?

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Gambling Related Harm APPG

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Автор: Ojgen Lewit

The Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) says National Audit Office (NAO) report released 28 February 2020 on the Gambling Commission confirms the regulator is unable to fulfil its responsibilities.

Labour MP Carolyn Harris said: “The Gambling Commission is not fit for purpose and Neil McArthur [its chief executive] should resign in the light of this report. The commission is simply not up to the job of regulating the gambling industry, particularly the online sector, parts of which seem to operate like the wild west.”

"This is a major intervention by the Government’s own auditor and organisation which holds the Government to account,” said the APPG. 

“Individuals at the Gambling Commission should be held accountable for this failing and urgent action must be taken by the [regulator] to raise standards across the industry, particularly online.”

“We cannot wait years for new gambling legislation to be introduced. The Government must immediately bring forward legislation to ensure the ever-growing gambling market it being properly regulated, consumers are protected and an Ombudsman is established."

“A failure to do this would be an abdication of the Government’s responsibility.”

127 людей подписали. Следующая цель: 200