Stop Göteborgs Universite. to the Sopression of Venus, Moon, Lotus, Mimosa, Milia Zuri

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Stop Göteborgs Universite.

Venus, Moon, Lotus, Mimosa, Milia and Zuri   will be suppressed. the Göteborgs Universitet will unfortunately kill the dogs at the end of the autopsy .
Many people want take care of these dogs. We believe it is possible to give an alternative to these dogs who have already suffered from the tortures inflicted. The University of Gothenburg refuses to have a meeting with the associations. After they tortured Venus, moon, lotus, mimosa, milia and zuri will kill them. the painful animal tests on dogs at the göteborg university have been going on since the mid-1990s and at least 200 dogs have been killed.

In the picture, there are other labradors, all killed by the University of Gothenburg.
Photo: Götheborgske Spionen