Grant white South Africans refugee status.

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Edit: please excuse any grammar or spelling mistakes, this was rushed.
Everyone, I beg of you to read this. This is not a joke. I am a South African and i must tell you about what has happened and what may happen in my country.

A few days ago, the last uncorrupted minister in my country, Pravin Gordon the minister of finance was fired by our corrupt and selfish president Jacob Zuma. Gordon stood in the way of him achieving his goals of full state control.
Today our currency was downgraded to junk status making it worth almost nothing.
Our economy is close to collapsing now and when it does Mr Zuma and his cronies won't take the blame but the white people in this country will.

I don't know what you've heard about my country and it doesn't really matter, the reality of the situation is this: violent attacks against white people have been increasing, especially against the Boer (Afrikaans) minority. If the sudden economic collapse and the suffering it will cause is blamed on white people, I can't imagine what the population will do.

Things remain uncertain but there is one thing that is certain:
White people, especially boers, need to get out of this country and FAST or you will see a bloodbath. The problem is most of us can't afford to leave, so i'm asking for your help.

I'm begging you, help save the boers. Support this cause, let people know in anyway you can. Help spread the message. We are in danger, we need to get out of here and we desperately need your help. There are millions of us in poverty who will never be able to leave by themselves so please, ask your friends, ask your families, ask your governments to allow white south africans, especially boers, to be granted refugee status before it is too late.

South Africans were the only colonists not given a right of return by their countries of origin, if you can help us get that it will be even better!

I'm begging you, help us.