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Enginkehlap conveys a message of unity and solidarity and we would be remiss not to acknowledge all
the many hours and hours of hard work that has gone into ensuring that this virus does not reach our
shores. We commend a leadership and administration that values the safety of the people above all else
at this time.
In the interim, however, many of our citizens have been left almost completely to fend for themselves
right outside the border, right outside the door to their home. We implore our people to speak out on
behalf of these people. Our leadership is responsible for ensuring the safety of Pohnpei CITIZENS, and
we believe that in this unprecedented time, it applies most especially to those who have been shut out.
Many left their homes to seek medical assistance and are now unable to return home to be with family
who can take proper care for them. They also struggle to afford necessary medication to keep them
healthy as they can be right now. Many just want to bring their deceased home, to their final resting
place; struggling to cover costs of keeping their loved ones in morgues for months now, while they wait
for a chance to begin their journey home again. Now they are forced to send them as cargo, while they
stay helplessly behind and mourn across the sea. Many also now have to depend on relatives abroad,
putting a strain on their hosts, which in turn extends financial hardships to those willing to lend a
helping hand or a roof over their heads. Many are now unemployed, through no choice of action of their
own, but because of decisions of our leaders. We have citizens in Guam, in Hawaii, and in the mainland
USA who have been waiting for tangible decisions to be made so they can come home.
In the spirit of enginkehlap, our brothers and sisters abroad have stepped in to help ease the burden,
but it’s taking its toll. What we ask for now, is for our leadership to step up and take control of the
situation and find a way to bring them home.
It’s been 5 months of reading about failed tabletop exercises, reading congratulatory releases about
donations, reading about the millions of dollars that are still pouring into the Nation to help during this
pandemic. 5 months of relying on others to eat, for a place to stay while they wait out all of these
activities. This was something that was new and terrifying in the beginning. Now, there countries around
us that have been successful returning citizens home; showing that it IS possible.
While Pohnpei and FSM boasts of being COVID-free, your stranded citizens continue to live in uncertainty,
strangers in other lands. Bring them home, where they belong.