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The Dark Souls 1 Remake - Resurrection of the First Flame

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Since Dark Souls 3 has officially concluded with the ringed city dlc, it is time to think about the future.

Or in this case the past. 

The past filled with mistakes. 

A bad PC port of the greatest game of all time, 30 Fps, lousy texture and controls are just a few of the problems the original Dark Souls had to endure. 

Isn't it time to correct the mistakes made?  I think it is. And I believe you know it. 

The playerbase of the Soulsborne has grown massive, yet many newcomers who only own a pc could only enjoy a limited experience of this legendary game due to its glaring problems. 

Sure mods can make up a lot. And thats why I love this game and its community. 

Everyone is so passionate about this game series. And I want to say thank you for countless hours of fun. 

That being said. 

I, no WE, beg you:

It is time to ressurect this fabulous piece of art and bring it to modern standards with the new engine ( Bloodborne/DS3 ) in crisp 60fps so that we might rekindle our lost flames once more. 

I hope this will reach your hearts and souls.

May the flames guide thee, friend.

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