Frock Destroyers to Represent UK at Eurovision 2021

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The UK has long suffered dreadful entries that are not a true representation of our country, providing dreadful results.

Last year we saw RuPaul’s Drag Race’s very own Frock Destroyers smash it with their song Break Up (Bye Bye), which briefly made it in to the top 3 of the UK charts.

Drag has been a part of British culture since the late 16th / early 17th centuries, as part of Shakespearean theatre where it's believed to have obtained its name from the gowns men adorned that dragged across the ground.

Fast forward to the 18th Century when Britain would get it's first famous drag queen, Princess Seraphina, who unknowingly paved the road of drag in our country.

Princess Seraphina isn't the only famous drag queen we've had, just to name a few we have Princess Seraphina, Julian Eltinge, Danny La Rue to the more commonly known queens of recent years such a Dame Edna, Lily Savage and the many, many queens of today.

Whilst drag has been and is a part of British culture, this is still not the only reason as to why Frock Destroyers should represent us.

Each queen represents our country, as well as important issues they, and we, are fighting for, each in their own way, but together, in the face of adversity they've experienced their entire lives and shockingly still to this day (albeit this is improving).

They're now the stars of a BBC show, they reached top 3 in the iTunes charts, top 10 of the radio charts and have tens of thousands of people wanting them to represent this country.

Let's not also forget, this song was part of a challenge, a television show challenge, a challenge which they did not have all the time in the world to play with yet still they absolutely smashed it.

Regardless of whether or not they actually bring home the trophy, we would still consider them winners, although personally, I see nothing less than a top three should they represent us.