Bring back BBQ Fritos!

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Sadly in 2018, after having been in production nearly 80 years, Frito-Lay North America decided to halt production of our beloved BBQ Fritos and replaced them with the lesser Honey BBQ Twists & Chili Cheese flavors.  So much for brand loyalty... and just another example of greedy corporate America making poor decisions while sticking it to long-time loyal customers.  Many of us have been eating these for decades.  For many they've become a family tradition and part of our nostalgia.  

We need your help in making our voices heard over at Frito-Lay's headquarters. Let's let them know that they've made the wrong decision to discontinue this flavor and they need to bring them back in every U.S. market.  

Frito-Lay told me that a petition to bring back Cheetos Flaming Hot Asteroids was successful after Millennial's made use of social media and reached 90,000 signatures.  They finally succeeded and Frito Lay was forced to bring them back.


1) DONATE:  If you are able, please donate by chipping in to promote this petition.  By donating to promote this petition we can get it in front of more and more people. If we can spend $3 to $4 every week on a bag of chips, that adds up to a lot of money over the course of a year ($150 to $200 every year). So please donate as much as possible.  Every amount helps no matter how small, but the larger the donation the more signatures we get.  ***Note: Donations of $25 or more are doubled by meaning the petition is advertised to twice as many people!  

2) SPREAD THE WORD:  Copy/paste the URL for this petition & send it to everyone you know.  Send mass email.  Send mass text messages.  Blast every social media platform:  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.  Post on all of your accounts and pin it at the top if possible.  Involve your family, friends & everyone you know.   "Whatever it takes"

3) CALL FRITO-LAY TO COMPLAIN:  800-352-4477 press zero to get to the operator who will record your complaint & send it to their upper management.  [Twitter: @fritolay]

We can do this! BUT we need to PUSH HARD & KEEP PUSHING!  "Whatever it takes"