FRIENDS OF ASCENTÉ, New Homes in Southwest Reno


FRIENDS OF ASCENTÉ, New Homes in Southwest Reno

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Dear Friends of Ascenté:

From: NORTHERN NEVADA YIMBY’s (Yes-In-My-Back-Yard!)

We are the silent majority of voting citizens and organizations who support growth in Northern Nevada. To this end, we support “Smart Growth”, which includes new home communities at all price levels that are well designed, enhance the value of our community, and provide needed quality housing. We support projects that are consistent with the character of our individual neighborhoods and support the economic needs of our community at-large. We are asking you to be our guardian for this kind of growth and speak out. You may sign this petition and be anonymous or fill in the optional comments as to the reasons you are supporting this project.  

Northern Nevada is experiencing record job growth numbers, which requires housing wherever it can be properly planned and developed. Our Northern Nevada YIMBY’s (Yes In My Backyard!) supporters have been growing in numbers and we are reviewing individual quality projects being submitted to the approval agencies through their approval process.

We feel that the ASCENTÉ project of 225 new homes in Southwest Reno qualifies for our support. We have reviewed the Ascenté application and met with the developers and find that it meets our Smart Growth criteria because:

~ Quality of Life - Ascenté will offer features that will improve the quality of life within the surrounding community, as well as for its homeowners.

~ New Home Values - The Ascenté new homes will be sold at values consistent with neighboring communities and contribute positively to real estate values in the south Reno area.

~ Quality of the New Homes & Common Areas - Strict Design Guidelines and CC&R’s will govern the overall design of the Ascenté homes and common areas

~ Zoning & Density – Ascenté proposes 225 single family homes on 225 acres in south Reno off Mt. Rose Highway which is less than the allowable zoning and density requirements.

~ More… there are many more reasons we support ASCENTÉ. For complete description email .

Northern Nevada has a well-developed planning and approval process along with development and construction standards that ensure quality communities, housing, and public safety.  However, all too often, the application, review, and approval process for these projects are stalled by a very small group of opponents, whose sole purpose is to prevent growth in their backyard, or “NIMBY’s” (Not-In-My-Backyard).  Some individuals are virtually against all growth or “CAVE” (Citizens-Against-Virtually-Everything).  

Being heard and giving your opinion is necessary and important feedback to our government officials.  Rational dialog between private and public interest groups and individuals is healthy and leads to well informed decisions. However, the irrational emotional and fear-based misinformation must stop! Washoe County officials work hard to keep its citizens safe and our community prosperous. The County should not bow to a few loud individuals/groups at the expense of the rest of us.

We may be the silent majority but we ask you to voice your support now for ASCENTÉ by signing this petition (fill in the spaces provided to the right).

Thank you for your support!  

Friends of Ascenté, Northern Nevada YIMBY’s (Yes-In-My-Back-Yard!)

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