FUSD Seniors Deserve a (safely-regulated) In-Person Graduation

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Earlier last week the senior class officers of all the FUSD high schools met with activities directors, principals, and FUSD school board officials to discuss different opportunities and methods of hosting a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. At the end of the meeting, the Board reached a consensus of having a virtual graduation ceremony. This decision was made to ensure that the Class of 2020 could be celebrated for their achievements in the public school system, as well as give every student the opportunity to take part in a “graduation ceremony” (to comply with any state or national regulations for public schools). Keeping in mind that a graduation ceremony is the pinnacle of senior year, the members of the FUSD board agreed to consider having an in-person graduation later down the line due to the fact that many seniors feeling cheated out of having a truly fulfilled high school experience. At the moment, it makes sense to not have an in-person graduation in order to comply with county and CDC guidelines, but by no means does that equate to not being able to host an actual graduation ceremony in the future when tensions ease. 

In order to make sure that the FUSD keeps their promise to the senior class officers and the senior class as a whole, we would like to ask you for your support in having the FUSD Board members discuss the possibility of having a graduation ceremony for the Class of 2020 later in the year. A virtual graduation isn’t a “real” graduation; it’s just compensation. We are afraid that the district has come to the conclusion of ONLY having a virtual graduation; however, this is not what we as a general public hope for. It is apparent that a majority of people want to have a real, in-person ceremony, therefore, the FUSD should honor this wish. 

Please support our initiative and sign this petition to have the FUSD keep their promise of providing the Class of 2020 with a REAL, in-person graduation ceremony (in addition to their compensation of a virtual graduation) after COVID-19 tensions ease so that the Class of 2020 has the closure it deserves as high school seniors. Since there will be a virtual graduation, all students will have a fair opportunity to take part in at least one graduation ceremony, but the FUSD should not completely dismiss the idea of having an in-person ceremony for those who would like to participate in another one down the line. Other schools and colleges in the Bay Area have chosen to push their graduation ceremonies to later in the year, so this option is completely feasible. The FUSD should be here to support its seniors, who have spent 13 years just to experience this milestone, so please join us in helping make our seniors’ dreams come true. We want to make sure that the FUSD keeps its promise to its students and not forget about us because “we are no longer their responsibility after June.”

Help us make this possible!! 


The Class of 2020