#FreeperiodUK Free monthly allowance of sanitary products for all women in the UK.

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"Poverty is not a character failing or lack of motivation. Poverty is a shortage of money." - Barbara Ehrenreich

I believe that all women should have access to sanitary products free of charge, regardless of financial or current living situation. The solution is simple; a monthly allowance of products that are made available for women across the U.K.

The goal of this petition is that all women in the U.K will be supplied with a sufficient monthly amount of sanitary products without charge. This may sound like a difficult task but I believe that with your support we can make the changes. The products would hopefully be made available from G.P practices and other outreach programs such as food banks and community groups.

According to a study in 2015 " British women spend as much as £18,450 on their periods over the course of their lifetime.


This is a extortionate  amount of money to spend on a natural body process we simply didn't ask for and should not have to pay for. Periods should not exploit us and our money. They are inconvenient and difficult at times, this is especially put to the test with living situations and financial issues.

I want to drawn the attention of this petition to the The Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt Minister for Women and Equalities & The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care The Rt Hon Matt Hancock.

 By showing them the urgency and the importance  of this matter I believe they would represent women in a fair and equal way in parliament but also have greater knowledge of the health care aspect of it too. If you wish to contact them personally about this issue here are their contact details:



I appreciate each and every person for reading this and your support on an issue which is very personal and important to me, I urge you to take a look at the following charities who do amazing work and support them by donating money or products if you can. Even a simple act of visiting your local food bank with sanitary products would be very beneficial.


Sophie Cummings,

 Founder of the #freeperioduk petition. 


Charities who are involved in this area:




 Other campaigns to be supporting:






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