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Fighting For Marley!!!

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In 2011, a young puppy was rescued from the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. The young dog, Marley, lived in the horrors of war before being rescued by United States Army Veteran Jonathan Jones. Now, Jones is fighting the Bay County Courts to save his dog’s life against a cruel injustice. He has been sentenced to death for a natural reaction, and one that Jones feels does not warrant such a harsh reaction.

He was roughly 6-7 weeks old when rescued off the streets of Kabul and he has come to a long way with the help of MANY people however, he is now the victim of a VERY overzealous Animal Control Agency that is acting outside of it's Constitutional Authority. After everything Marley has been through, to have the dog awaiting a death sentence for a natural response is unfair and we are determined to help justice prevail.”

The incident occurred when Marley bit Jones’ 15 year old son who was wearing a mask while playing cops and robbers with his 5 year old brother. Marley was only protecting the younger boy from what he thought was a threat. Unfortunately, neighbors called animal control before learning the facts.

The Bay County Magistrate ruled in Marley’s favor, but the County Attorney is appealed the case for a death sentence. Marley endured 11 months in a 4ft cell due to being a dog protecting his family. The hearing was scheduled for Thursday, March 10, 2016 and took 10 weeks for the County Judge to only bow out of doing his job and upheld the Dangerous Dog designation. This is county cronyism at it's finest.

We are asking for your help to affect change to protect Marley and thousands of dog like him that are caught up by a overzealous and unconstitutional government agency. We are fighting for Marley's life to not be labeled Dangerous and for Bay County, FL to follow the law F.S. 767.12(b). Thousands of dogs are forced to be forfeited to the county that are killed and hopefully we can save the countless other dogs and family pets from this kind of fate. Thank you.

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