Revise Francis Parker School's Covid-19 Teacher Policies

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As one of Francis Parker's alumni, I am deeply disturbed to learn about the school's newest Covid-19 policy which requires many teachers, including some with immunocompromised family members, to either return to campus to teach in person or resign. This policy comes at a time when cases in San Diego and around the United States are rising and defies logic both in terms of health and safety, and the ethics of forcing the faculty to choose between putting their loved ones at risk, or having to resign and give up their livelihood during an impending economic downturn, and leave their students with no immediate teaching option in the midst of the school year.

Though it is certainly frustrating to have to take classes online, and it would be ideal to have teachers teach classes in person, it is frankly appalling that faculty who have dedicated decades of their lives to the institution and to the education of thousands of Parker students would be treated in this way in the midst of a global pandemic and at a time when the school is preaching a message of togetherness. Surely we can come up with a better policy that respects the faculty! 

To remedy this, the school must offer teachers the option to keep their job at current salary and do so in whichever format each teacher feels is safest for them with their unique family situation in mind. I hope the administration and those that made this decision ask themselves: will anyone die from taking a zoom class? If world renowned universities are utilizing online classes, what gives Parker the impression online learning is not good enough? What if a teacher risked teaching in person to keep their job and their spouse or child died, whose fault would that be?

The pandemic has affected each and every one of us. As a current university student I understand personally the flaws with online learning, but a human life's worth is incalculable. Please sign to offer your support for these teachers that we all loved in our time at Parker, and spread the word to your friends and family in the Parker community: we are better than this! 

Thank you, 

Ben Krongard Francis Parker Class of 2018