To prevent more death's in Montréal, we demand human treatment at the Bordeaux prison.

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Serious outbreak of COVID-19 is spreading through Bordeaux provincial jail, with more than 130 people infected. One unnecessary death has been reported in May, 2020 due to the over crowding in the institution.

In the past months, there has been several news coverages informing Montrealer's about the mistreatment of the detainees in our Provincial prisons. For instance, the windows are left open for ventilation, even in polar vortex temperatures. It is so cold inside the inmates milk they leave out freezes. Violation of their human rights are broken as they do not have access to routine showers, or essential services. The detainees are in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, locked up in a cell for 14 days straight and for some, more than 30 days. They are denied access to the outside sunlight for vitamin D absorption to help strengthen their immune system and ward off viruses. To add, most prisoners have nothing to occupy their time — no TV, no reading material, no social interaction. In late April, for example, access to showers, and running water was shut off for two prolonged periods. In crowded areas such as this, it is crucial to help ward off contamination and allow them acquire clean clothes and regular showers. This kind of treatment is horrific and can even be life threatening.

After the announcement in May, 2020 of Deputy premier of Québec, Genevieve Guilbault, the cases of COVID-19 still continue to rise in the prison. The ongoing 23/24h forced solitary confinement is now very present and the detainees have been cut off from the outside world.

François Legault, Geneviève Guilbault, we ask that you reinforce their given human rights by making the necessary changes and to protect the detainees from this kind of physical and mental torture. This must come to an end right now and we must be the voices for those enduring this suffering.

They are our family members, our spouses, our friends. Some are waiting for trial while others are waiting for bail.

We need to act quickly to prevent further deaths affected by COVID-19 and by abolishing the torturous physical and mental neglect in our prisons.

Lets join together in solidarity and value human life