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Freedom for Yoann Barbereau! Liberté pour Yoann Barbereau ! Освободите Иоанна Барберо!

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Freedom for Yoann Barbereau!

Yoann Barbereau, director of the Alliance française of Irkutsk (Siberia), agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been held in Russia since February 11th, 2015.

He was imprisoned for 71 days, placed under observation in a psychiatric hospital, placed under house arrest. His wife, pressured and threatened by the investigators, has had to flee Irkutsk. Their daughter has been odiously instrumentalized.

Yoann Barbereau is the object of preposterous and scandalous accusations that are easily dismantled[*]. Led only by the prosecution, the investigation is based on fabricated evidence and falsified documents, without regard for the most elementary principles of legality.

His trial is beginning. He risks 20 years of prison.

While an increasing number of citizens and media in France and Russia are moved by this incredible injustice, we ask François Hollande, president of the French Republic, to do everything possible to obtain Yoann Barbereau’s freedom and his prompt return to France.

We ask Vladimir Putin, president of the Federation of Russia, to intervene to stop the multiple infringements of the law recorded in Irkutsk by local observers for more than a year. We demand that Yoann Barbereau be freed, that his status as victim be recognized, and that those who participated in the fabrication of a case against him be prosecuted.

It is high time to end the suffering of a great friend of the people, of Russian culture and language, an artisan of the friendship between France and Russia.


[*] Unbelievable accusations!

1. Yoann Barbereau is charged first for having uploaded online from his home, to a site dedicated to advice for young mothers, pornographic images (on three of them, he and his spouse are represented).

  • The accusation is absurd. Why would a visible personality such as the director of the Alliance Française indulge in such an act ? “In France, from the first minutes of the investigation, Yoann Barbereau would have been able to file a civil suit; he would have been able to sue for invasion of privacy,” explains Mr. Arnod, his lawyer.
  • Technical indicators (geolocalization, bank card payment) show that Yoann Barbereau was not at his home when the account from which the upload originated was opened (from the IP address of his home).

Thus, Yoann Barbereau can not physically be the individual who uploaded the incriminating images. He is evidently the victim of this act.

2. Among the photos uploaded, one of them represents him with his daughter. Both are naked. The accusation charges him with the production and distribution of a photo constituting child pornography.

  • An “expert” in Irkutsk maintained the qualifier “pornographic” for this image, described by others as the mere representation of naked bodies.
  • This photo was taken during a banal scene of family life. The two people are separated by more than a meter of distance. The image has no sexual character.
  • The investigators confiscated the totality of Yoann Barbereau’s computer hardware and software. Among the ten thousand photos present on his storage harddrive (among which about 3000 representing his daughter), not a single other photo was found to support the accusation.

In these conditions, the absurdity of the accusation is striking.

3. The investigation eventually alleged sexual assault on a minor (his own daughter).

  • The accusation is based solely on the interpretation by the investigators of a report written by an expert who has never met the child, as well as on interviews of which a part is fabricated (the non-recorded portion not on the video) and of which the other part (recorded) permits the entire accusation to be discredited, given how visible it is that the child was odiously manipulated to answer in the affirmative to the investigators’ suggestions.
  • Neither the mother nor the child have accused Yoann Barbereau.
  • No witness supports the accusation.
  • During the entirely of the investigation, Yoann Barbereau has never been questioned concerning these alleged pedophilic acts.

In summary, the accusation is unfounded, like the dossier of the investigation, and there are no witnesses for the prosecution. On the other hand, the witnesses in Yoann Barbereau’s defense are numerous but are never taken into account.

The affair exists only by the will of the police force who nonetheless have at hand all the elements confirming the innocence of Yoann Barbereau.


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