Release the Shane Black Cut of The Predator (2018) with the Emissary Predators

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The Predator (2018) was supposed to be the new movie to kick off the Predator franchise, but following the reshoots that took place in July 2018, the story and the narrative of the movie was changed entirely.

The original climax of the movie included Emissary Predators and Edward James Olmos as General Woodhurst, but his scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

When the movie finally hit theaters, it was not the movie fans were expecting. The theatrical cut had a rushed third act that felt so out of place. The set photos from May 2017 indicticate that there was more to it that was removed and replaced.

As loyal fans of the Predator franchise, we should let Shane Black’s original version be seen for all to see. Please give your support to have the deleted Emissary Predator scenes released along with the director’s cut of The Predator with General Woodhurst and the Emissary Predators!