End the killing of red squirrels and other rare wildlife: Change the UK Forestry Act

End the killing of red squirrels and other rare wildlife: Change the UK Forestry Act

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Started by Craig Shuttleworth

In England and Wales, it is impossible for authorities to refuse a licence to fell woodland, or place conditions in a licence, in order to 'conserve or enhance wildlife'. The 1967 Forestry Act prevents wildlife being considered and this law needs to be changed.

Vast tracts of forest are felled under Government licences in seasons when rare mammals and birds are breeding. Nests are destroyed and young almost certainly killed; some by being shredded by harvesting machines others crushed beneath the wheels.

If licence conditions could be imposed by authorities e.g. to limit the season when felling could occur, then such deaths could be prevented.

In addition, where rare wildlife species would face local extinction if their forest habitat were destroyed, a change in the law could allow felling licence applications to be refused. Currently licence applications can not be refused on these grounds and woodland habitat can be flattened. A change in the law would benefit wildlife, the timber industry and build consumer confidence when purchasing UK timber stamped to suggest it is 'wildlife friendly':


In Wales, Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Government are working to change the Forestry Act to protect wildlife after public pressure: 


In England, DEFRA, Forestry Commission & Natural England have REFUSED to stop needless forest wildlife destruction. Natural England is now led by Tony Juniper CBE, a man renowned for working for wildlife. It's time we gently reminded him, 'That if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem'.

Let's drag the 1967 Forestry Act into 2019 and better protect forest wildlife.

7,710 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!