Force UCLA To Reverse Its Unjust Decision

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In forcing the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to reverse this unjust decision, you are forcing UCLA to:

  • Comply with the UCLA Faculty Code of Conduct and the UCLA Statement of Ethical Values & Standards of Ethical Conduct;
  • Respect facts and the conclusions of UCLA faculty members—and respect UCLA students;
  • Make a public apology for serious violations of academic codes and ethical principles at this public university;
  • Reinstate this former UCLA student, Tom Wilde, with no further tuition due from him;
  • Repay his UCLA student loan and pay him for the serious harm done to him and this public university;
  • Stop abusing UCLA students.

FIRST, you need to know that after UCLA kicked me out of a Ph.D. program in the UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA's own tenured faculty members made the following statements:

"[N]either of us had been asked for any background information on Mr. Wilde's case. Nor apparently was much effort taken to verify the apparent facts of Mr. Wilde's academic record. Incompletes that had been cleared were listed as Fs and no enquiries about their real status or about the student's general progress were made." (Dr. Nicholas Blurton-Jones & Dr. Val Rust; UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies) (my emphasis)

"If you [re]apply for admission, the [UCLA Graduate School of Education] has to consider your case, so the faculty member you mentioned might be able to push for readmission without the [department] having to acknowledge any wrongdoing." (UCLA Distinguished Professor, Dr. Edward L. Keenan; UCLA Department of Linguistics) (my emphasis)

"[A] random collection of faculty (however distinguished) has no status within the university power structure. No one would be obliged to pay any attention to us." (UCLA Distinguished Professor, Dr. Edward L. Keenan; UCLA Department of Linguistics) (my emphasis)

"The case is clear-cut: they had no basis for dismissing you as you met the formal qualifications. Moreover, they gave you no other reasons, so any further reasons they give now are beside the point. All this is obvious. I have no difficulty saying it forcefully to anyone. The difficulty will be to force them to reverse themselves due to their unjust decision." (Dr. Robert Brenner; UCLA Department of History) (my emphasis)

"This [UCLA student dismissal] is a wrong to right." (Dr. Val Rust to Dr. Robert Brenner) (my emphasis)

THIS PETITION releases these UCLA faculty statements to the public to show that this public university is kicking out its students by disregarding facts and violating the UCLA Faculty Code of Conduct and the UCLA Statement of Ethical Values & Standards of Ethical Conduct.  Moreover, UCLA surely knows as well as these UCLA faculty members that in dismissing UCLA students in this manner, "the case is clear-cut," that UCLA "had no basis for dismissing you," and that "all this is obvious." (Dr. Robert Brenner)

But UCLA surely also knows as well as Dr. Brenner that, in his words, "The difficulty will be to force them to reverse themselves due to their unjust decision."

THEREFORE, your response to how UCLA is dismissing its students is crucial in this case.  Say nothing and UCLA will continue abusing its students by discarding facts and violating its academic codes and ethical principles.  But say something and you provide yourself an invaluable opportunity to stop this abusive student dismissal operation at one of the world's most prestigious public universities.  Perhaps even more importantly, pursuing this opportunity will lead you to a far deeper understanding of how UCLA operates, not only on its students, but also on its faculty members—because the material for this understanding comes from the real difficulty that arises when you confront a globally recognized public university that is abusing its significant power.  After all, there is a very good reason for why UCLA's Dr. Brenner says, "The difficulty will be to force them to reverse themselves": A university that is abusing its power is going to use this same power to fight off challenges to its abuse of its students.  So unless people come together to force UCLA to reverse its unjust decisions, UCLA will simply continue abusing those it perceives have the least power—UCLA students.  Moreover, because UCLA cannot operate except in the names of its faculty and administrators, your response to UCLA gives you an important opportunity to find out much more about the role of the UCLA faculty and administrators behind these names.

Indeed, the UCLA faculty statements I've provided here stand as stark testaments to the level of power that UCLA has attained.  Because when UCLA faculty are making these conclusive—and damning—statements on how their own university is abusing their own students and nobody is speaking out publicly on this abuse, we've all then moved UCLA into the realm of a quasi-religious institution, where revealing how this public university abuses its students is strictly avoided (or when such revelations do surface, they are suppressed) by all those now genuflecting before this now hallowed (and now hollowed out) institution.

My hope is that you respond to UCLA on this case in order to force UCLA to reverse this unjust decision—and end this public university's abuse of UCLA students.  However, I would like to emphasize this crucial point: If enough of you work together with enough power to force UCLA to reverse its unjust decision, you need to make clear that my reinstatement to UCLA is in fact only a consequence of your forcing UCLA to comply with UCLA's Faculty Code of Conduct and its Statement of Ethical Values & Standards of Ethical Conduct.  The real purpose of your collective force in this case is not only to protect UCLA students and the foundations of a truly public university, but also to publicly demonstrate that your collective efforts here are what's necessary to sustain this vital public university and ensure that it remains in the hands of the people who built the University of California—you, the public.

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