LLDM proposes to bring their followers to Georgia- plans of a compound in Flowery Branch

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  The  organization LLDM (La Luz del Mundo) has purchased 272 acres in Flowery Branch, Georgia. The leader wants to bring their followers and come to Flowery Branch and build a 'City of Light of The World".

Please read more regarding their intentions on their Facebook page (you will need a translating tool from your browser):  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.961282667335077.1073746741.635720846557929&type=3


 - While doing research on this group, I have come across allegations of human trafficking, sexual abuse, forced marriages, fraudulent real estate transactions, and money laundering.  Bringing this type of element to our area would be disastrous for businesses and neighborhoods.  In the event these allegations are true, we cannot afford to have something like this built in our city.


-  There is currently one of these 'cities' in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara called the Beautiful Province (Hermosa Provincia). Each year thousands visit this town. Flowery Branch does not need to become a place for mass visitations.

- The massive influx of followers that would come into the area, would adversely affect our roads and our schools. Right now, Hog Mountain Rd, Spout Springs Rd, and numerous secondary streets are under strain already. Something of this magnitude would cause more traffic nightmares. The current plans for expansion of the roadways will become obsolete, and additional taxpayer dollars would be necessary to alter the roadways again. It is said on the Berea International website that in August of 2018, hundreds of thousands gather... (This link will take you to the article and show you the photos of the thousands of people that gathered.  Berea International, 2018 )  The masses that would come to this compound and flood our streets is more than what our infrastructure can handle.  

-  The possibility of overcrowding could decrease property values, as this area would no longer be a desirable place to raise a family. Thousands of homeowners would lose value in the homes they've worked so hard for, and this area will no longer be as sought after by future families. Their plan is to use their facilities, not those of our community, so the only one who seemingly benefits is this group. 

- Because they would be functioning under a  nonprofit organization, they will receive tax-exemption to an extent. The deficit would have to be compensated by residents outside of the compound.  Their proposed 'City of Light' will be exclusive to the followers, therefore would not be available to the public, along with other proposed businesses and schools they want to bring in. This would put a very heavy burden on the taxpayers of Flowery Branch and Hall County!

- EVERY person needs to be aware of this - and not just those in our community of Flowery Branch.  The residents of Hall County, the state of Georgia, and even our Nation should educate themselves on this group, and protect our communities and our families. Do your homework - the facts are out there.  This is NOT something that should be allowed to 'just happen' while residents sit back and watch. This will affect every person in the area.  Please sign this petition, pass it along to everyone you know, and let our voice be heard

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