FSC Dining: Take the plastic out of Take-Out

FSC Dining: Take the plastic out of Take-Out

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Gestartet von Amber Oppliger

Dear FSC Campus Dining and Food Services , 

Given the recent Florida Southern College policies put into effect regarding Campus Life and “grab and go” dining specifically, we on behalf of the VEG Club wanted to shed light on a significant issue noticed within this system. VEG focuses on the three main issues of dietary needs/personal health, animal rights, and sustainability. 

We understand for reasons of hygiene the use of disposable containers and utensils is more feasible, however we would like to propose an alternative that would solve both issues of cleanliness for FSC students as well as the environment.

A massive amount of plastic waste is being generated by the dining options around campus. First and foremost, the styrofoam containers that are being used for the Caf need to go.

One of the alternatives we urge you to put into effect includes bringing back the reusable Tupperware containers that were given out by the Caf last semester. This would reduce the issue of contact if students had their own containers, washed them, and brought them back. If there are not enough containers to supply the demand of students that need them, I would also urge students to bring their own containers that staff can then serve their food into. 

Another alternative to the Styrofoam containers would be for the school to purchase Eco-Friendly Biodegradable and Compostable Food Containers. 

This link below lists a pack of 125 for only $14.49:


Other sizes and pricing options can be found here:


Happy Place currently does have a version of these boxes that they use to serve their food, so why can’t the whole campus jump on board?

We think both of these alternatives would prove to be much better for the environment and drastically lessen the school’s waste if they were to be utilized. We need to largely eliminate the use of plastic and Styrofoam containers for both entrees and sides because frankly, they are not needed.

On a similar note, we understand that hygienically saran wrapping fruit may look more appealing, however if the Caf were to go back to the system previously put into place with the serving forks, staff could wear gloves, pick up — an apple for example —with the serving tools designated for each bin without ever coming into contact with the food, and place it inside each students’ compostable or reusable takeout container. 

This again could be used as an argument to urge students to bring what they have, mason jars, Tupperware, etc. and/or use the reusable containers mentioned above that the Caf could provide.

We at the VEG Club are not only voicing this opinion for ourselves but have also been contacted by many other students across campus about the frustration of this plastic waste problem. We would like to be a part of the solution and are willing to help in any way that we can.

We thank you for your time and patience during these unprecedented times.

Please contact us with ways that we can get this change into action.

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