Bangalore’s roads and potholes are killing citizens almost every day. How many of us will give our lives before we wake up!!

Thousands of potholes on the city roads have made commuting impossible. They cause accidents, traffic jams and are a serious danger to citizens.

Efforts to fix the roads have been half-hearted and ineffective. What’s worse is that every year several thousand crores of tax payers’ money is spent on maintenance of roads. Yet the BBMP has not been able to provide us with good roads. Government's apathy is hitting citizens and their convenience, day-to-day productivity, and lives in general. 

As a concerned citizen, I believe it is time to end this menace. That’s why I started this petition on asking the Bangalore Mayor Venkatesha Murthy and Commissioner of Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), Lakshmi Narayana to take immediate action to fix the potholes in the city.

If thousands of us from Bangalore sign this petition, we will be able to build enough pressure on the BBMP Mayor and Commissioner to take this civic issue very seriously.

With strong public demand, we will have a stronger case to demand a pothole free Bangalore from its authorities. Sign my petition.

Letter to
Municipal Commissioner, Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike Mr Lakshmi Naryana
Mayor, BBMP, Bangalore Sri B S Sathyanarayana
Mayor, Bangalore City
Commissioner, BBMP, Bangalore

We are losing lives almost every day!

Last few months of rains have eroded badly constructed roads. Sporadic patchwork has been ineffective, and more often than not diruptive. Roads have turned into potholes and craters, claiming lives of pedestrians and bikers. Citizen groups, newspapers and media have been raising this for months now and your response to all of this (if at all) seems to be quite ad-hoc and mostly ineffective.

We appreciate the size of this problem is overwhelming. But we expect civic authorities to respond enthusiastically, positively and effectively – beyond just lip-service.

Citizens are willing to come together and help. As the first step, we have a collective appeal:

1. Immediate road-audit across Bangalore and quick-fix of dangerous craters
We propose immediate professional audit of the main roads across Bangalore, considering traffic, instances of accidents and number of pedestrians /bikers. This audit will help planning and prioritising resources. For example - the process of filling potholes could be reviewed by professional urban planner / scientist to ensure that it is not only a stop-gap arrangement, but a long term fix. Citizens of Bangalore demand a report on
- a professional audit conducted
- prioritising of areas and timelines, and
- areas where potholes are fixed
This also includes random work being done by Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board. Not only every newly developed layout road, but even fairly old roads in Central Bangalore are being subjected to repair/digging of sewer lines. For example, the underground work going on in front of Garuda Mall or reckless digging of Richmond Road by BWSSB has been disrupting traffic for the last couple of months.

2. Signages and warnings

Research shows that signages bring great amount of preparedness among road users and can bring down road accidents by 30%. We are increasingly seeing unmarked construction sites, rubble on the road, unguarded BWSSB work, and of course craters without proper warnings, which continue to grow big. Not to mention lack of indication of bottlenecks, turnings and road blocks.

In a number of cases (some mentioned here in this petition ‘news section’) people’s lives would have been saved if there was some sort of signages for construction work or craters. Prior warning signals for any road damage/work which will definitely help commuters and other road users would make lives better. We believe that BBMP could hire professional safety organisation to conduct road-safety audit and help set up signages throughout the city.

We sincerely hope that you would give this due priority and resolve this issue as soon as possible before one of us gets killed, again!