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Fire radio presenter Asger Juhl who killed 'Allan' the rabbit live on air and the managing director of Radio24syc Jorgen Ramskov who sanctioned the kill.

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We run a house rabbit awareness campaign online and on social media called Make Me Hoppy. While we are all for having discussions on animal welfare - a subject we feel very strongly about - I think we can all agree there are much better ways to do this than by killing a poor defenseless 9 week old baby rabbit.

The following story which came to our attention has left us speechless.  There is only one action, and that is to dismiss radio presenter Asger Juhl and the radio stations MD who sanctioned the kill.

A Danish radio station has been criticised for killing a baby rabbit during a live show in what the station's owners say was an attempt to raise awareness of "the hypocrisy of animal welfare".

The Radio24syv presenter Asger Juhl was hosting a debate on animal welfare when he hit nine-week-old Allan with a bicycle pump.

Mr Juhl, 34, carried out the killing, saying it was to demonstrate the hypocrisy of animal rights campaigners who eat meat from supermarkets.

Linse Kessler, who had been part of an earlier discussion in the studio, talked her way back inside in a bid to save Allan but, despite chasing Mr Juhl around the table, she could not prevent the bunny's fate.

The rabbit reportedly twitched several times before quietly dying.

The Independent newspaper adds this to the story:

A statement from the radio station read: "We ensured that we killed the rabbit in a sound manner, in accordance with very precise instructions that were given to us by a zookeeper– so the rabbit did not suffer any harm."

"It is not our wish to offend anyone with this debate. And we regret that many people have misunderstood our message," the station added. "But we hope that this heated debate creates better conditions for animals in Danish agriculture."


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