Urgent essential equipment for door to door distribution to avoid crossed contamination

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Covid_19 alert

While there are no 100 % certain how this coronavirus spreads. Germs can travel from person to person not just from direct contact but also by cross contamination

I would like to remember that since this virus became a serious subject people start panic buying (whats also become an issue) that leads to the increase of online shopping.

What bother me is that huge companies such as Amazon. Ebay. Etc dont provide any safety to the drivers. 

Those drivers face over 100s people every single day. Sick or healthy and so on. 

Lets think for a second now. 

Imagine that that either the customer or the driver is contaminated and unluckily spread to the other without any visible sign. Whats gonna happen? Exactly. A non stop cross contamination.

This drivers have no gloves no disposable suits or masks no acess to soap and water for hours. Nothing really to protect them and others. Its a double side problem. We are talking about multi milionaire companies that can easily provide whats necessary at the moment to help reduce risk

Really hope this petition goes quickly enough before is too late