Make it a legal requirement for employers to give feedback, post-interview

After putting in a lot of effort preparing for an interview, spending money on new clothes, and paying for travel expenses, it is crushing to not get any feedback from the employer, post interview. 

Research undertaken for the Debut Guide to Interview Etiquette revealed that 77% of 18-23s think it should be a legal requirement for employers to provide feedback after a face-to-face interview - no matter what the outcome.

If you ask any HR manager, they'll tell you that every employer follows a feedback procedure that they deem suitable. Some provide feedback at every stage, and some fail to give any at all. We need a set of guidelines for all employers to follow, to ensure the workforce is armed with the feedback they need to improve and be successful next time.

Already, employers including O2, Fujitsu, Network Rail, Capgemini, EY and FDM Group have backed the campaign - the latest heavyweight HR stakeholders to back the campaign are the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), and Professional Body for HR and People Development, CIPD.

Stephen Isherwood, AGR's CEO shares his support for the campaign: "Giving candidates interview feedback is not only really helpful to candidates who have invested time with an employer, it also helps employers build a good reputation amongst students."

Ben Willmott, Head of Public Policy at the CIPD commented on their support for the campaign: “We agree that feedback after face to face interviews is something all employers should deliver whenever possible. It helps candidates understand what they can improve on, and ensures that employers are using robust hiring practices. The FightForFeedback campaign can shine a light on the value of good quality feedback to job candidates who make it to the interview stage and encourage more employers to provide this.”

Melissa Amouzandeh, Emerging Talent Acquisition Manager at Network Rail shares her words of support for the #FightforFeedback campaign: "Feedback is vital for a candidate's progression - without it, they may struggle to secure that next opportunity.

"It's the responsibility of the employer to share feedback, not only to help the candidate develop, but also in the interest of the UK workforce - good quality feedback reduces the time it takes for candidates to secure a position of employment, and also reduces the time it takes to find the right person for the role. This campaign is win:win for all involved."

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