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Release Lolita and bring her home to Washington State

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Lolita is the oldest whale in captivity. She was captured in 1970 and sent to the Miami Seaquarium in Miami, Florida where she spends her days alone in a tank that is 35' by 80' by 20' deep performing daily shows (this is 13 feet shorter than is required by the Animal Welfare Act. Section 3.104). While in captivity Lolita calls out to her family even though she hasn't seen them in over 40 years. Dateline NBC played Lolita a tape of her family speaking and Lolita responded to these calls. Lolita has a bay pen set up in San Juan Island, Washington where she will be cared for by specialists. She will be able to retire in her natural habitat and be near her family. Like all whales, Lolita does not sleep. She is alert and awake every minute of the day and she is alone in an illegal sized tank.  Please help me by signing this petition to bring Lolita home to Washington State.


As of 2014, Lolita has been sold to Palace Entertainment. She will most likely be exploited for entertainment purposes again. Please help by visiting the websites below for more information: 

Upcoming events: 

*Seattle March for Lolita Saturday January 17th 2015, Alki Beach.

*Miami March for Lolita Saturday January 17th 2015. Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, Miami Florida.


Thank you,

Alexandrea Welch


If you don't buy a ticket, animals will not be in captivity anymore. Save Lolita!

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