Federal Party Leaders: Join an Election Debate that Speaks to Women

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Federal Party Leaders: Join an Election Debate that Speaks to Women

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I make less money than the person who sits next to me for doing the same work, just because I’m a woman. Why does this happen?

I can’t find affordable daycare for my family, so someone has to stay at home to look after the kids.  What if we both want to go back to work?

It feels like I am seeing story after story on the news about Indigenous women disappearing and being murdered. What can be done to end the violence?

What if we could work together to make sure these questions - and more - are put directly to our political leaders?  These issues impact families and communities. They matter to Canadians from across the country. And they are issues that politicians are not talking about!

Imagine if before choosing our next government this October, we could make sure that every party leader spoke about issues affecting women and girls.

We can make that happen! Together, we’re calling for an all party nationally broadcast leaders debate on issues that affect women and girls.

Up For Debate is an alliance of women’s organizations, community groups and international organizations from across Canada. Over 130 groups have joined Up for Debate because we have one thing in common: we believe in equality between men and women, and we want every Canadian to know where our political leaders stand on gender equality.

No matter who you vote for or what party you support, gender inequality impacts us all. It’s in every Canadian’s interest to know where the federal leaders stand on all kind of issues from discrimination to violence, leadership, employment, sexual harassment or child care.

That’s why we’ve launched a petition calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Bloc Quebecois leader Mario Beaulieu to participate in a nationally broadcast leader’s debate on issues affecting women and girls. Please sign, and spread the word so that all parties will speak to Canadians about women’s rights.

Here’s who we are: www.upfordebate.ca/who-we-are

And here’s our vision: www.upfordebate.ca/our-vision

Help us make it happen! Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

You can check out the last time federal leaders debated women’s issues here: 1984 Debate.

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Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 30,066 supporters!

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