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19 Year Old Girl found in Freezer and Rosemont PD WILL NOT conduct proper investigation

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I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so very much for bringing awareness about the Kenneka Jenkins case. I am currently an Admin of a Facebook group called “Kenneka Jenkins Case #Factcheck #JusticeforKenneka,” dedicated to Justice for Kenneka. I am also the founder of The Dock Ellis Foundation. We assist families who have lost someone to a crime and reconnect inmates with their children. We are asking EVERYONE to sign this petition so we can get the FBI to finally step in after Rosemont Police closes this case, WE deserve a proper investigation. 

The Kenneka Jenkins’ case hits home; I too have lost a loved one to violence in March of 2017. I am coming to you as the representative of my group with questions that need to be answered. This case has affected our lives in many ways and we will NEVER be the same until answers are provided. This case is no longer about gaining justice for Theresa Martin but has become symbolic in obtaining Justice for THE WORLD. We ARE Kenneka Jenkins. Please find it in your hearts to help us gain answers to these questions. With a FB room of over 500 people we collectively wrote this letter and demand answers from the Mayor, Rosemont Police department and Crowne Plaza Hotel. It is blatantly obvious that the Rosemont Police department has tunnel vision and has assumed her death to be accidental. This is shown by it’s lack of securing the scene of the crime/accident.


1. Why did the Rosemont Police Department fail to secure the scene of the crime/accident allowing it to be contaminated? Why would they not section off this part of the hotel? Why did they allow anyone and everyone to walk through it?

The Rosemont Police released all 36 hours of footage which was released ONLY to the press When viewing the video, it is clear that the POLICE mishandled this case from the beginning. Not once did they treat the area where Kenneka Jenkins body was found as a crime scene. The Rosemont Police Department seems to have had the answers to Kenneka Jenkins’ death from the beginning.

2. Did Rosemont police fingerprint the area? In the video footage, many officers are in the area without gloves on. Did they collect the coffee cup on the counter for DNA? Did they collect other items and follow the proper protocol? It appears that they did not. It appears that what we see is an inadequate examination of a possible homicide scene and their blatant failure to implement basic crime scene procedures.

ALL crime scenes must be protected from entry by unnecessary or unauthorized persons to insure that physical evidence will not be altered, moved, destroyed, lost, or contaminated. Other police officers, including supervisory personnel, who do not have a specific or valid reason for being at the crime scene, should be regarded as unauthorized persons.

The camera in the kitchen area is motion-activated and we have been told that the last time anyone was in that kitchen, prior to Jenkins was Aug. 30th. This is according to surveillance records police reviewed. The surveillance camera made no further recordings until Jenkins’ body was discovered. We are requesting footage showing August 30th and/or prior to observe when the unknown person places the cup in the kitchen.

4. Why was Teresa Martin and her daughter Leona allowed to enter the crime scene? Why was hotel security allowed there? It is obvious that RPD never handled this area as restricted.They assumed, prior to gaining the results of the autopsy, that Kenneka Jenkins’ death was accidental. Anything and everything should be considered as evidence. Whether this evidence is physical or testimonial, it must be preserved, noted, and brought to the attention of the investigators. After the scene is secured, immediate and appropriate notification must be made to the homicide investigators. We never see on any of the footage available to us that the scene was properly secured.

5. The autopsy report advised Kenneka Jenkins was accompanied by only one left shoe, and is missing her right shoe. Can the RPD explain where the other shoe is located? And if there was an absence of a struggle, why would her shoe be off?

Kenneka was seen with both shoes on throughout the footage. When I called the coroner's office to ask about the other shoe, the supervisor at the Rosemont Coroner's office rudely responded “Good question, ask the police.”

5. Roughly around 11PM On the 9th it shows that the Rosemont Police were called out to the Crowne Plaza and down to the lower level--what was the reason for that?

6. It was stated by the Chicago Tribune that Teresa Martin denied the police access to Kenneka’s Cell phone on three separate occasions--- yet, in an earlier news article, Rosemont Police advised they had collected Kenneka’s phone and four other cell phones from the party by way of a search warrant.Is the statement issued by the Chicago Tribune incorrect? And If the statement is incorrect, when can we expect a warrant issued for Kenneka’s phone?

7. Originally, Kenneka’s friends stated they left her in the LOBBY to return to the room in order to retrieve her cellphone, however, an updated article is advising they left Kenneka in the hallway--- has the story now changed due to leaks in the Rosemont Police Department making these kids aware there are NO cameras on the room level?

8. Why hasn't the Crowne plaza released the unedited footage to Teresa Martin and her attorneys? It was stated in the Chicago Tribune that the footage had been edited. Quote from Chicago Tribune "This edited piece was combined from video files made public by the village of Rosemont. During video conversions at the Chicago Tribune, red motion-sensor boxes were stripped and thus not visible on the Tribune video player. In addition, time date stamps show more than an hour discrepancy."

9. It is stated In the autopsy report that Kenneka Jenkins had Topiramate, a medication for Epilepsy, in her system at the time of her death. Has the Rosemont Police Department requested all medical records of everyone who attended the party to insure Kenneka was not drugged by one of them?

The Tribune also stated, "An autopsy found no illegal drugs in her system, though her blood-alcohol content was found to be 0.112, above the legal limit for driving." She had a prescription medication which was not prescribed to her, THIS is an illegal drug.

10. Why wasn't footage reviewed or released from the 6th of September? On the 911 tape Teresa Martin clearly states there was a ticket in her car dated for the 6th-- 4 days prior to the date Kenneka was found dead.

11. It was also stated "Family members have said they believe the initial response of police and hotel staff lacked urgency." Based upon the cause of death stated in the autopsy report, Is it possible that the hotel is negligent by refusing to check the cameras when Teresa Martin first arrived? Could Kenneka have still been alive?

12. In the latest article from the Chicago Tribune, it's clear they are taking their information from the Facebook postings of people who attended the party, and/or who knew people that attended the party. Have the police finished analyzing the FB Live videos and if they have, when will they release the transcripts to prove they have done so?


13. In a typical “Homicide Investigation,” we understand that there may be two or more crime scenes, in addition to the location where the body is found. These additional crime scenes may include: Where the body was moved from, where the actual assault leading to the death took place and where any physical or trace evidence connected with the crime is discovered (this may include parts of the body.)
Was room 926, the room on the 11th floor, and any other rooms which were rented for that night, ever closed off for further investigation?

15. On the Live FB of a party goer, we see hotel management or security knock on the door and request the kids keep the noise level down. Immediately after the hotel worker leaves, the noise level remains the same.
Why were the police not called and the party shut down? Especially when the hotel must have noticed under aged kids, alcohol and the smell of drugs coming from within the room. It was stated that the party goers were not only in the rooms but also in the hallways.

16. One of the two people police are searching for is Shaniqua Watkins, who is wanted for theft and unauthorized use of a credit card. She is being sought on four “active’’ arrest warrants. Who is the other individual and what are the charges?

People need to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the consequences of this crime. We don't want people dying and others shrugging their shoulders saying, 'Oh well.”

Part of our Justice System is to bring closure and completeness in terms of what happened. We want to know why this happened to Kenneka and what is being done at the present time to expedite answers about this horrific event.

“A death that occurs during the commission or attempted commission of any felony constitutes murder.”

All people involved in the renting of the room to underaged children, allowing them to roam the hallways intoxicated, All people who drugged Kenneka and are aware of that drugging, All people who are blatantly lying about Kenneka’s whereabouts when she wanted to leave, need to be held accountable.



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