Fast Track Mr. Nagananda Kodithuwakku´s Renunciation of British Citizenship

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Mr Kodituwakku decided to relinquish his British citizenship solely to offer himself as a candidate at the Presidential Election in Sri Lanka and to take up the democratic path to combat rampant state-sponsored corruption and to lead Sri Lanka to a better future. Mr Kodituwakku submitted his application to renounce British citizenship on 5 July 2019.

The Presidential Election is scheduled for the 16th November 2019, and the candidates are required to register with the Election Commission of Sri Lanka from 7th October 2019. According to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, a candidate with dual citizenship is not qualified to contest at the Presidential election. As of today, Mr Kodituwakku's application to renounce his British citizenship had not been granted.

Since 2009, Mr Kodituwakku has laboured extensively to voice his opposition to the existing political system in Sri Lanka where the judiciary is dysfunctional, and the rule of law has failed. He has fought tirelessly to restore the independence of the judiciary and to unite the nation sans ethnic and religious differences.

A significant number of people in Sri Lanka and overseas have given ascent and embraced Mr Kodituwakku's political vision for a better Sri Lanka.

At this critical juncture of Sri Lanka, we have placed our aspirations for a country that respect the rule of law that would guarantee good governance under Mr Kodituwakku. With only nineteen days from today before the nominations are called, Mr Kodituwakku's application for the renunciation of British citizenship not been granted stands as the only impediment for his candidature at the Presidential Election and fulfilling the hopes of the nation Sri Lanka.

Therefore, we appeal to the government of the United Kingdom to grant Mr Kodituwakku’s request for renunciation of British Citizenship and facilitate his endeavor to restore the rule of law in Sri Lanka. 

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