Shut Down Fair Oaks Farm and Help Stop The Inhumane Treatment of Cows

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Fair Oaks Farm Animal Cruelty

Footage from Fair Oaks Farm was recently uncovered, which depicted an immeasurable amount of animal cruelty towards their calfs. The cruelty starts right when a new calf is born, and continues throughout their adult life. Depicted  throughout the video; however, the death toll of their calfs is extremely high due to being kicked and beaten, overheating, and forcefeeding to the point of suffocation. 

Since this video surfaced, an apology statement was put out by the owner of Fair Oaks Farm, Mike McCloskey. McCloskey affirms that all four employees shown in the video have since been terminated. He also promises a new system of 24 hour video surveillance and thorough training for employees at Fair Oaks Farm. 

However, we cannot stop there. How do we trust a company that promotes their products with the name “Fair Life” when exactly the opposite is given to their animals?  

Fair Oaks Farm needs to close their gates, and it’s our job now to do that.