Stop The Erasure of Tamil Eelam on Social Media Platforms — Instagram & Spotify

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On February 10th, 2021, Instagram, a popular social media platform that has been widely used to amplify silenced voices caved into directions from the authoritarian Sri Lankan government to block and censor the hashtags #eelam and #tamileelam. Spotify followed and removed all music associated with Eelam, which erases a huge part of Tamil culture and identity.

We have protested peacefully in many ways to raise awareness on the war crimes that was committed by the Sri Lankan government against innocent Tamils back home. The nationalistic Sinhalese-majority government attempted multiple times to erase our identity - in desperate attempts to hide the genocide that happened to our people. Removing our Eelam music, and censoring our hashtags, takes away our freedom of speech but we will no longer be silenced. 

Our pain is real. Our identity is real. Tamil Eelam is real. 

Please help us raise awareness towards this injustice and bring attention to all social media platforms trying to erase our culture and our identity. We will no longer suffer in silence and we will continue fighting for our freedom & identity.