Get Facebook To Remove The Skeptical OB

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Facebook has recently started removing the pages and groups of people they claim to be spreading “fake news” or “false science,” yet somehow, the page run by (which she titled “The Skeptical OB”) stays up. regularly spreads false information (proven time and time again by science). She has been quoted as saying “rape is natural” and a “successful evolutionary strategy.”

Possibly the most important, and disgraceful part of the entire issue is that  is NOT a licensed obstetrician. Yet Facebook allows her to parade herself as a medical professional. This has the opportunity to lead SO many unknowing women into parenting traps that may increase risk factors or even cause harm. This will have an impact on the health of mothers and children GLOBALLY and should not be taken lightly. is simply a blogger. Giving out medical advice, posting racist, outlandish false equivalencies to further divide women in her effort to build a following and make money.

The only resolution to this issue is for Facebook to remove this fake doctor’s page and take down her groups in an effort to stop allowing the widespread sharing of false science, under facade of being a medical professional, in turn, misleading vulnerable women.

I am a birth worker, an activist, a lactation professional and a mother of two who has personally been harassed and attacked by and her followers for sharing the benefits of breastfeeding. It’s time that these organizations intended to mislead others are put to a stop. Please help me, and women all over the world by demanding that Facebook take down this massive source of predatory misinformation.