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Facebook, develop a process to assist small businesses being cyberbullied on your platform

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Cyberbullying is a growing problem. Although cyberbullying of children and teens is the focus of a number of organizations’ efforts, there is often little recourse for small businesses that are being bullied on social media, other than spending their own limited time and resources to fight.

Cyberattacks leave lasting emotional scars for everyone involved, including many clients, and can have significant financial effects. Small businesses do not have sufficient resources to monitor and moderate their pages when attacked, and the current methods for reporting posts are inadequate when dealing with the larger scale of cyberattacks.

For an example, we look to a 2014 American Veterinary Medical Association survey which found that one in five veterinarians has been a victim of cyberbullying themselves or know a colleague who has been a victim. Cyberbullying also led to the suicide of a veterinarian in New York in 2014. Most recently, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation decided to halt their 2015 “America’s Favorite Veterinarian” contest because of vicious cyberattacks against finalists. Keep in mind these statistics are from only one field. How many others are being harmed in similar numbers, or perhaps worse?

There is no room for hatred and cyberattacks on Facebook. It’s time for Facebook to acknowledge its platform’s role in facilitating cyberbullying, and take action to assist businesses and individuals being attacked. In a statement responding to Germany’s criticism of Facebook for its lack of action regarding racist comments, a spokesperson for Facebook replied, “…we appeal to people not to use our platform for the spread of hatred ... We work hard every day to protect people on Facebook from abuse, hatred and bullying.” Facebook, it’s time for you to step up and honor that statement. We’d be happy to meet with you to discuss our concerns and possible solutions.

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