Petitioning Western-Pacific Regional Administrator Dennis Roberts, Federal Aviation Administration and 3 others

Stop the Quiet Skies NorCal proposal which seeks to move NextGen flight path to SC/SLV/SV

Quiet Skies NorCal, whose organizers live under current flight paths, has submitted a proposal to the Congress and the FAA requesting that, in Santa Cruz County, a flight path over their homes be moved to other neighborhoods because of the impact to their own properties. They seek to move their flight path to neighborhoods in Santa Cruz, Pasatiempo, Scotts Valley, San Lorenzo Valley, and Bonny Doon - communities of over 100,000 residents in Rep. Anna Eshoo's 18th Congressional District. 

Our petition states that moving a NextGen flight path from one neighborhood to another does not solve the simply moves it. In this case to neighborhoods with higher populations. Moving the flight path to our neighborhoods will create an even larger disturbance and outcry than currently exists. 

Our recommendation is that the FAA and noise abatement committees appointed by, and comprised of, elected officials address local flight altitudes and braking procedures to resolve noise issues, and disregard Quiet Skies NorCal's proposal to negatively impact other communities.  

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Western-Pacific Regional Administrator
    Dennis Roberts, Federal Aviation Administration
  • FAA Director
    Michael Huerta
  • Congresswoman, 18th Congressional District
    Rep. Anna Eshoo
  • Congressman, 20th Congressional District
    Rep. Jimmy Panetta

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