Allow podium warm-ups during FIG gymnastics event finals for athlete safety


Allow podium warm-ups during FIG gymnastics event finals for athlete safety

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Started by Emily Chan

Gymnastics is undoubtedly a dangerous sport that requires peak mental and physical performance. Currently, the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) does not allow gymnasts to have podium warm up before individual event finals of major gymnastics competitions, including World Championships and Olympic Games.

During every competition except for event finals, gymnasts are given a one-touch podium warm up of 30-50 seconds to get a feel of the apparatus and warm up their bodies right before starting their routines. During event finals, they only get to warm up 2 hours before their event and have to perform their competition routine cold.

The FIG's reasoning for this is unacceptable. A quote from the 2010 FIG Council: "podium warm-ups irritate TV broadcasters, who are looking for a certain rhythm, an entertaining show, highlights and short sequences. The downtime that would result from podium warm-ups would only serve to undermine entertainment quality and, worse, encourage networks to cover other discipline with a more suitable programme.

Why is the FIG is prioritizing media attractiveness over athlete safety? 

Performing a competition routine without warm up increases the chances of athletes slipping up and getting injured. Furthermore, event finals are always on the last days of competitions when athletes are the most tired. After a rough first day of event finals at the Tokyo Olympics, world-class athletes past and present have spoken up in support of reinstating podium warm-ups for this reason (Laurie Hernandez, Mary-Anne Monckton, Courtney McGregorCecile Landi)

If that is not a good enough reason, here are a couple more:

1. Warm ups are not that long and are part of the gymnastics "story". They are up to 4 minutes long and are valuable part of the sport. Watching how athletes warm up is interesting to viewers. 

2. Having podium warm-up allows athletes to perform to the best of their abilities. This entertains viewers.

We hope at the 2021 FIG Congress in November, this will be reconsidered. Gymnasts deserve better.


This petition made change with 15,360 supporters!

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