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The Shut Down of Toxic Kpop News sites

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Allkpop is a huge site that has spread hate, rumours and malice towards kpop idols for years now without any consequences. Not only do they publish false accusations without any liability, their unprofessionalism affects all kpop idols in the worst of ways with thousands or even millions of people grouping together to bash a single artist. They use disrespectful speech in their articles just for the clicks and another dollar in the bank and destroying hard working idols lives in the process. This is not okay. 

The internet has become a web of false information and greed, and it's therefore so important to be critical and stop the spreading of harmful speech when met with it. Byun Baekhyun of Exo is one of these idols whom was recently put under the spotlight after an interaction with a fan suffering from depression. Although the fan he spoke to had a good experience, there has been a public outrage from the kpop community. Apparently, they believe he was being insensitive and ignorant to the issues surrounding mental health after reading an incorrect translation of the interaction and they demanded an apology. In the wake of the days after the incident, Byun Baekhyun is being bombarded with hateful comments and insults on his public social media, which Exo-l, including the fan that he spoke to, are devastated about. One of the leading sources to the event was Allkpop, who posted a translation on their site which is still up as I am writing this. Several say that the translation is incorrect, and that it was taken from an unreliable source.  Baekhyun posted an apology to his Instagram on the 2th of January, which I encourage everyone to read.

I am just another fan, looking for some way to stop the unnecessary negativity surroundings idols. Can't they just be human beings for a moment? Can't they ever catch a break? Why can't they make mistakes and live their lives like the rest of us? After recent events a lot of fans were eager to stop putting idols on a pedestal, so that they could relieve them of some of the mental and physical pressure they experience on a daily basis. Yet, here we are again. In his apology, Baekhyun wrote that he was 'scared to say anything harmful' even in his post. Please, let's not alienate our idols from us. For how much they work for our happiness, this is not what they deserve. 

Please sign this petition and take action against not only Allkpop, but all harmful and disgusting media to help all idols. If they are going to push idols down for their own gain, then we have to be there to help pick them up. Let's change things before it's too late. 

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