Exclude romanian P.S.D from the Party of European Socialists family

Exclude romanian P.S.D from the Party of European Socialists family

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To all distiguished leaders of the Party of European Socialists Members parties, Associate parties and Observer parties,

we, the signees, romanian and european citizens, coming from different social and political backgrounds but united under the same principles of democracy, would like to express concern over and bring to your attention the consecutive and continuous breaching of the PES Declaration of Principles by the romanian P.S.D led by president Liviu Dragnea.

Multiple times, the romanian P.S.D tried to limit the freedom of speech regulating it both online and in written media (see Law project L534/2015 here https://senat.ro/Legis/Lista.aspx?cod=19265 ). Further more, the freedom of speech was severely suppressed under the P.S.D regime by:

- citizens being sanctioned by Police officials for social media posts regarding PSD and its edicted laws

- peaceful protesters against P.S.D governance were intentionally subjected to repeated abuses of civil rights by the police and gendarmerie (under the direct rule of an P.S.D named Ministry of Internal Affairs) using "attrition war" tactics where said individuals are fined repeatedly for non-existent offenses so that the accumulated fines value mixed with the tedious and overly long judicial process of having them dismissed by a judge, forces them to stop protesting.

- several City Councils led by P.S.D (usually large cities ones like the Capital) actively blocked or denied citizen and press requests for publicly available by law documents and multiple times declined or boycotted requests for public gatherings.

- changing and directly naming P.S.D politically affiliated individuals at the head of T.V.R (Romanian National Television), S.R.R (Romanian National Radio) and C.N.A (National Council of Audio-Visuals). Even though all 3 are publicly funded organisms, the first 2 become P.S.D propaganda outlets since the new namings and the 3rd one, which normally acts as the only allowed censorship organism, being held dormant.

- actively funding media outlets owned by convicted patrons, sometimes by direct funding but mostly using public money under the disguise of "publicity contracts". In return, said media outlets became both propaganda mediums and media "denigration death squads", relentlessly gunning down public figures or individuals that spoke against the P.S.D without fear of being sanctioned by the neutered, P.S.D infested C.N.A.

The current objective of the PSD governance is the subjugation of Justice by any means necessary which led to having 2 PSD prime minsters and cabinets changed by PSD over the course of 13 months. Multiple times, the romanian PSD actively blocked investigations of its own parliament members by voting against the lift of parliamentary immunity of said members. The local, regional and national levels of PSD administration are filled with corruption, waste of public money and nepotism proven accusations. Multiple law packages were or are ready to be adopted, all looking to gradually limit penal accountability for corruption acts, make prosecution of those acts downright impossible or completely halt ongoing investigations and trials, some of them involving high-ranking PSD members (like president Liviu Dragnea who is already convicted for elective fraud and currently trialed for abuse). None of the law packages adopted or soon to be adopted have the approval of the Romanian Superior Council of Magistracy and most of them were sanctioned as unlawful by renown international law institutions. In regard to the proposed law package,

-Draft law amending Law 303/2004 on the statute of judges and prosecutors,
-Draft Law amending Law no. 304/2004 on judicial organization,
-Draft Law amending Law no. 317/2004 on the Superior Council of Magistracy.

the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission concluded that the legislative process was "lacking transparency, and conducted in the absence of inclusive and effective consultations" , that the "proposed reforms could undermine the independence of judges and prosecutors" and recommended multiple re-considerations, re-examinations, removals and abandons of the proposed amendments (full report can be accessed here: http://www.venice.coe.int/webforms/documents/default.aspx?pdffile=CDL-PI(2018)007-e). Nevertheless, the romanian P.S.D decided to carry on completely disregarding the report, arguing that they weren't its solicitors to begin with and there's no legal ground that obliges them to pay any attention to it. The course of action chosen is jarring and denotes both ill intent and hidden agendas, considering the latest OLAF report that names Romania as the EU member with the highest number of EU funds fraud cases, one of which directly implicates party leader Liviu Dragnea itself.

Additionally, a draft law aligning Romanian Constitution to the European ones which prohibits convicted individuals from being named/chosen in public servant functions is being constantly boycotted by P.S.D to such degree that its initiators must resort to population signatures gathering in order to have it included in the legiferation process, which on the long run, offers no success guarantees as the final say still rests in the hands of the PSD majoritarily ruled Parliament. Even if an referendum is forced in order to adopt such Constitutional change, the PSD has a history of refusing to implement Referendum voted amendments when it doesn't fit their interests (a referendum voted number of parliamentarians reduction to 300 is still pending promulgation since 2009). Such extreme legal workaround has no place in a democratic state, as identical prohibitions can be found in the Constitutions of all EU member states.

Governance wise, the PSD runs a continuous long-term over-indebtment policy relying on disguised electoral bribes (unjustified and unsustainable salary raises for the public administration) as the "carrot" and subtle social blackmail (increased taxes that bleed one's income or pension dry, inflation, insignifiant pension or salary raises compared to the increased daily living prices) as the "stick" to keep it's electorate captive. Lack of legislative transparency and manipulative propaganda media outlets are used to keep said electorate uninformed and in a constant state of fear.

Due to this and the general ideology of placing itself above the law that can be observed in most PSD governance acts and even public statements, Romania is in a constant and continuous state of protest for the last 2 and a half years which concluded with the most recent 10 august one where teargas, pepper spray, water cannons and overall unwarranted police/gendarmerie brutality was deployed resulting in almost 400 individual injuries (with children, women, elderly and even journalists among the victims) and a rising number of (well documented) police abuse complaints. Strong evidence points to the scenario where long-time, well known PSD hooligans (regularly used at its own rallies) were intentionally placed among the peaceful crowd in order to hijack the protest and constantly provoke the policemen so that their violent behavior could justify the brutal repression methods used.

Furthermore, the current romanian P.S.D is plagued, as a whole and pretty much on every horizontal and vertical tier, with shady characters including convicted individuals (sometimes multiple convictions like Liviu Dragnea, the president), individuals that are part of ongoing investigations and individuals with severe, publicly declared, anti-semitic tendencies that steer the party's direction. To put it bluntly, these characters, having seized power from within, corrupted the party to its very core transforming it into a hideous breeding ground for corruption, nepotism, incompetence and fanaticism, all while promoting the deviant values associated with those behaviors. The situation is so dire that the measures we ask for aren't only for the sake of protecting Romania from the PSD party but also to protect and salvage what's left of the honest PSD from the PSD itself, as multiple PSD members that publicly spoke against or denounced PSD methods and governance ideology were swiftly removed from the party.

For the aspects described above, the constant disregard of the Principles of Action and the increasingly totalitarian tendencies shown in last period, we kindly ask you to:
- internally consult with your fellow members, associates and observers about the EXCLUSION of the romanian P.S.D from the European Socialist Party family it continues to bring shame upon
- externally distance yourself from its members and publicly condemn its breaches of the P.E.S Declaration of Principles and its actions against justice and democracy in Romania.

In hope of a favorable resolution,
Thank you!
The Signees.


Catre toti distinsii conducatori ai partidelor membre, partidelor asociate si partidelor observatoare ce compun Partidului Socialist European,

noi semnatarii, cetateni romani si europeni, apartenenti a diferite categorii sociale si orientari politice dar uniti sub aceleasi principii ale democratiei, dorim sa ne exprimam ingrijorarea si va aducem la cunostiinta consecutivele si constantele incalcari a Declaratiei de Principii apartinand Partidului Socialist European de catre Partidul Social Democrat Roman sub conducerea presedintelui Liviu Dragnea.

In repetate randuri, PSD Romania a incercat sa limiteze libertatea de exprimare cautand sa o reglementeze legal atat in mediul online cat si in presa (a se vedea proiectul de lege L534/2015 aici https://senat.ro/Legis/Lista.aspx?cod=19265). Cu atat mai mult, libertatea de exprimare a fost suprimata in mod sever de catre regimul PSD prin:

- sanctionarea contraventionala a cetatenilor de catre organele de politie pentru postari in social media referitoare la PSD si guvernarea sa

- sanctionarea contraventionala repetata a protestatarilor pasnici pentru fapte inexistente de catre reprezentantii Jandarmeriei si Politiei aflate sub conducerea directa a Ministrului de Interne PSD, adoptand tactici de "razboi de atritie" in care sumele exorbitante cu care respectivii au fost sanctionati corelate cu procesul greoi si de lunga durata a anularii in instanta a contraventiilor cauta sa ii forteze sa se opreasca din exercitarea dreptului la libera exprimare in forma protestului public.

- blocarea cererilor de acces la informatii de interes public sau refuzul nejustificat a eliberarii acestor documente de catre Primariile conduse de PSD (orase mari printre care si capitala) si refuzul cererilor de organizare a manifestatiilor pasnice sau boicotarea acestora de catre aceleasi primarii.

- schimbarea si inlocuirea prin numire directa a unor membri sau simpatizanti PSD in pozitiile de conducere a Televiziunii Romane, a Serviciului Radio Romania si a Consiliului National al Audiovizualului. Cu toate ca cele 3 institutii sunt finantate din bani publici, odata cu noile numiri, primele 2 au devenit instrumente de propaganda PSD iar a 3-a, care in mod normal are rol de organism de cenzura, a fost trecuta in mod latent.

- finantarea activa a trusturilor media detinute de patroni cu probleme penale (atat condamnati cat si parte a unor procese penale in desfasurare), uneori prin finantare directa dar preponderent prin finantare publica deghizata in "contracte de publicitate" - drept contra-prestatie, respectivele trusturi media au devenit atat instrumente de propaganda cat si "plutoane de executie mass-media", denigrand in mod neintrerupt orice persoana publica sau individ care se exprima impotriva PSD, fara a fi sanctionati de catre inactivul C.N.A parazitat PSD.

Principalul obiectiv al guvernarii PSD este subjugarea justitiei prin orice mijloc posibil, actiune care a dus deja la schimbarea a 2 prim ministri PSD, de catre PSD in decurs de doar 13 luni. In nenumarate randuri, PSD prin majoritatea detinuta in Parlament a blocat in mod activ anchete penale prin votarea impotriva ridicarii imunitatii parlamentare a propriilor membri. Nivelele administratiei publice locale si nationale alcatuite predominant din membri PSD este notorie pentru acuzatii dovedite de coruptie, risipa a fondurilor publice si nepotism. Multiple initiative legislative, adoptate sau in curs de adoptare, au ca unic scop limitarea sau inlaturarea raspunderii penale privind faptele de coruptie, imposibilitatea obtinerii unei condamnari pentru acestea si tergiversarea anchetelor existente, unele implicand figuri conducatoare PSD (cum este cazul presedintelui Liviu Dragnea, condamnat penal definitiv pentru frauda electorala si condamnat in prima instanta pentru abuz in serviciu). Nici una dintre aceste initiative legislative nu are acorduri favorabile din partea Consiliului Superior al Magistraturii, masurile propuse fiind criticate de renumite organisme internationale. Astfel, referitor la intitiativele legislative,

-Legea 303/2004 privind statutul judecatorilor si procurorilor,
-Legea 304/2004 privind organizarea judiciara,
-Legea 317/2004 privind Consiliul Superior al Magistraturii

Comisia de la Venetia a concluzionat ca "procesul legislativ a fost lipsit de transparenta si efectuat in absenta consultarilor inclusive si efective" , ca "reformele propuse pot submina independenta judecatorilor si procurorilor" si a recomandat multiple re-considerari, re-examinari precum si inlaturarea sau abandonarea unora dintre amendamentele propuse (textul complet poate fi accesat aici: http://www.venice.coe.int/webforms/documents/default.aspx?pdffile=CDL-PI(2018)007-e). Cu toate acestea, conducerea PSD a decis continuarea procesului adoptarii proiectelor mentionate in forma neschimbata argumentand ca nu ei au cerut intocmirea respectivului raport si ca nu exista temei legal care sa ii oblige la respectarea recomandarilor cuprinse in el. Decizia este de'a dreptul ingrijoratoare denotand rea intentie si interese ascunse avand in vedere continutul ultimului raport OLAF care plaseaza Romania pe prima pozitie in topul cazurilor de frauda a fondurilor UE, unele dintre acestea implicandu-l in mod direct pe presedintele partidului Liviu Dragnea.

In mod aditional, un proiect de lege vizand modificarea si alinierea Constitutiei Romaniei la Constutituiile statelor europene, prin introducerea interdictiei persoanelor condamnate penal definitiv de a ocupa functii publice este tergiversata si boicotata in mod constant de catre PSD, fortand initiatorii sa apeleze la suport popular pentru a introduce legea in procesul de legiferare, initiativa cu modice sanse de reusita avand in vedere ca tot in mainile majoritatii parlamentare PSD ar ajunge pentru a fi promulgata. Chiar daca modificarea respectiva ar fi supusa unui referendum popular, PSD-ul are antecedente in a tergiversa adoptarea deciziilor de acest fel (reducerea numarului de parlamantari la 300 votata prin referendum in 2009 nu este adoptata nici in ziua de azi). Acest gen de ocolisuri legislative nu isi au locul in procesul legislativ dintr-un stat democratic mai ales ca interdictii identice pot fi gasite in mai toate Constitutiile statelor membre UE.

Din punct de vedere al guvernarii, PSD desfasoara o continua politica a indatorarii extreme pe termen lung, bazandu-se pe spagi electorale mascate (cresteri salariale nejustificate si nesustenabile in administratia publica infestata de membri sau simpatizanti PSD) drept "morcovi" si reforme sociale subtil santajiste (mariri de taxe si inflatie disproportionate masiv fata de venitul minim/mediu si costurile zilnice) drept "bete" pentru a-si tine electoratul captiv. Lipsa transparentei in procesul legislativ si propaganda manipulativa masiva sunt folosite pentru a tine acelasi electorat intr-o permanenta stare de dezinformare si frica.

Datorita celor expuse mai sus si a ideologiei de a se plasa mai presus de lege usor observabila atat in actiunile PSD cat si in unele declaratii publice, Romania se afla de 2 ani si jumatate intr-o stare de protest constant si continuu, concluzionand cu protestul din 10 august la care s-au folosit gaze lacrimogene, tunuri cu apa si metode nejustificat de violente de catre Politie si Jandarmerie pentru a suprima protestul, rezultand in aproximativ 400 de persoane vatamate ( printre care si femei, copii, batrani, jurnalisti) si un numar in crestere de plangeri penale pentru abuz in serviciu. De asemenea, multiple dovezi contureaza un scenariu in care grupuri de huligani notorii pentru apropierea fata de PSD (fiind folositi si la propriile mitinguri) au fost in mod inentionat infiltrati in multimea pasnica pentru a deturna violent protestul prin provocarea organelor de ordine, justificand astfel butalitatea metodelor folosite de catre acestia in dispersarea protestatarilor si terminarea manifestatiilor.

In completare, actualul Partid Socialist Democrat roman este infestat, practic pe fiecare nivel, fie el vertical sau orizontal, de caractere cu o moralitate indoielnica incluzand indivizi condamnati penali (unii chiar multipli cum este presedintele Liviu Dragnea), indivizi suspecti in anchete penale in desfasurare si indivizi cu manifestari publice anti-semite/anti-europene aflati in functii cheie de conducere. Transant spus, aceste personaje, acaparand puterea din interior au corupt fundamental partidul transformandu-l intr-o mizerabila pepiniera a coruptiei, nepotismului, incompetentei si fanatismului, promovand intern in toate directiile valorile deviante asociate cu aceste mentalitati si comportamente. Situatia este atat de grava incat masurile asupra carora va cerem ajutorul nu sunt doar pentru a proteja Romania de partidul PSD ci sunt si pentru a proteja si salva PSD-ul minoritar ramas fidel principiilor P.S.E, de atacurile PSD-ului majoritar (multipli membri PSD care si-au expus public dezacordul fata de politicile PSD si ilegalitatea/imoralitatea lor, au fost in mod brutal si nedemocratic exclusi din partid).

Datorita celor expuse mai sus, a dispretului constant fata de Principiile de Actiune a P.S.E si a tendintelor totalitare intensificate in ultima perioada, va rugam:

- pe plan intern, consultati-va cu partidele membre, asociate si observatoare in legatura cu EXCLUDEREA P.S.D din familia Partidelor Socialiste Europene a carui imagine continua sa o denigreze.
- pe plan extern, distantati-va de membrii P.S.D si condamnati public atat incalcarile repetate a principiilor cuprinse in "Declaratia de Principii" cat si actiunile impotriva justitiei si democratiei in Romania savarsite de catre acestia.

In speranta unei rezolvari favorabile,
Va multumim!

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