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It’s now being said that Humans don’t deserve earth. Man invented many things for his usage and one thing which he created is PLASTIC. Did you know that plastic is not biodegradable and it takes years to completely disappear?

We have seen the effects of this waste in Cornwall which is so beautiful and amazing. We have amazing beaches here in the South West which attracts lots of visitors every year I’m sure you have heard of the Eden Project or Poldark the TV Series? All these visitors come and admire the beaches and when they go home, they leave plastic in return!

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Plastic in form of water bottles, cups, pens, wrappers, balloons etc. the list is practically endless. This plastic makes its way directly into our oceans making it ugly and not fit for the ocean life. Moreover, the plastic and other wastes (micro plastics) get consumed by the fishes, and we eat those. Can you imagine how bad it is? Is this what we want to leave to our future generation?

Some will say that we can recycle the plastic, but doing that is also very costly. Things are not going in the right direction, recently a Cornish city was named in the top 10 polluted cities in UK by WHO (World Health Organisation). This is because of the fine particles emission which actually cause respiratory issues in people. The burning of plastic and other waste causes air pollution apart for industrial and vehicular emissions. It’s killing the planet.

Recently there was a BBC documentary where dead birds where analysed, it was found that there was plastic in their stomach. This was the real cause of their deaths. In the same manner cows and other animals who by hunger or accidentally consume plastic either die or if we humans consume these animals we will also be affected because the milk and other products are contaminated.

A documentary by Wildlife Biologist Liz Bonnin about us Drowning in Plastic  is an excellent and eye-opening resource. It features the world plastic problems and it's impact on wildlife and the environment.

We as responsible citizens of Cornwall should now take matters into our own hands and avoid using products which are not environmentally friendly. We should avoid plastic and instead of it try to use reusable products. Products which are natural and environmentally friendly. If we can do this, then we will be giving our future generation the world they deserve.

They say God made everything and nothing that's made is not by God. He created the world and this is not the way he intended it.

Recently a 6 year old boy called Dylan James created a petition titled Stop cutting down trees for Palm Oil. Apart from this there was a recent advertisement from Iceland which was banned (we think it should be shown) which showed the harmful effects of cutting trees for Palm Oil. This shows we are now aware about the hazards of plastic and other pollutants. We need to take a step further and start using the right products which are safe and environmentally friendly GREEN products.

Let’s bring the change and pledge not to use plastic materials and Let’s Go Green. Come join forces now with Gloweasy Promotions in the war against pollution and plastic items.

We at Gloweasy Promotions strive to make this world a better place by offering Branded products for businesses which are GREEN. Having been the market leader for years promoting Eco Branded Items to businesses which are made of natural substances and are biodegradable. This way we want to contribute towards the environment and to promote environmentally friendly activities.

This is our Planet. This is our Earth. Let’s make it GREEN.

This is our way of contributing towards the environment and to promote environmentally friendly products.

Save Cornwall from Plastic Waste its Now or Never – Gloweasy Promotions

When we hit 1000 signatures our Brand Director Simon Dutton will be taking this to Cornwall Council to discuss how we can tackle the issue so please don't think nothing will happen if I sign as it will! We will provide regular updates.

We also plan to have made locally a huge steel wired beautiful fish on Crinnis Beach AKA Carlyon Bay, Cornwall. It will be a giant plastic and waste eating fish, where all the beach visitors can put the plastic and other waste material in it’s mouth. This will symbolise how plastic and other waste materials harm the marine life. If you wish to contribute for the same please visit our fundraising campaign at GoFundMe link below: