Make votes matter in general elections - we want proportional representation

With the prospect of a snap election as soon as this year, we need to act now if we want a proportional system.

I’m 17 years old, I wasn't old enough to vote in the last election but when I can I want my vote to matter. I want to be able to vote for the party I believe in without being scared of wasting my vote or ‘letting the other side in’.

The only fair and democratic system of electing MPs is one in which seats in Parliament match the share of votes cast.

During the EU referendum campaign, senior Conservative politicians including Liam Fox, Iain Duncan Smith and David Campaign celebrated the fact that every vote in the referendum counted equally. Now it’s time we applied the same principle to our general elections by moving to a system of Proportional Representation (PR).

One of the reasons that people voted to Leave the European Union was because they wanted more of a say in our democracy and wanted to ‘take back control’. The only way we can have a real democracy, and take control of how the country is run, is through an electoral system which is fair and proportional.

In 2015, the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and UKIP won almost 25% of the votes but now make up just 1.6% of MPs. UKIP won 3.8 million votes and one MP, whilst the SNP won 1.5 million votes but 56 MPs. It was the most disproportionate general election since women won the vote in 1918, with 74% of votes wasted.

The First Past the Post voting system is undemocratic and dramatically distorts the results of our elections.

Politics is no longer a choice between two candidates, we need a system that proportionally represents the wide range of views that are now on offer. Our current voting system is broken and needs replacing.

Please support this petition for a fair and proportional voting system.

Together we can keep this issue at the top of the agenda. I’ve joined up with others campaigning for PR. If you’d like to join thousands of us all over the country who are taking action to make votes matter, go to to see how you can get involved.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
    Theresa May MP
  • Leader of Green Party
    Natalie Bennett
  • First Minister of Scotland
    Nicola Sturgeon
  • Leader of Labour Party
    Jeremy Corbyn MP
  • Leader of Plaid Cymru
    Leanne Wood
  • Leader of the Liberal Democrats
    Tim Farron MP
  • Leader of UKIP
    To be announced

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