Bring back Belle Delphine's Instagram Account

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So in recent events, the Instagram page of belle delphine has been suspended. This was most likely a reaction on instagrams side to the flagging of her content as "inappropriate".

We demand her reinstatement and full recovery of all her content. Basis for this claim are the following reasons:

  • Her content, while sometimes "erotic" in nature, is inherently harmless and much more timid than lots of other content on the platform.
  • The person that flagged the account is probably just jealous of brilliant businessmoves like the 2019 "gamer girl bath water coup"
  • Belle provides a very specific type of content craved especially by a certain target audience. To deprive said audience of this content is plain malicious and has no basis in "fair rules" on the platform.
  • Being an Internet personality, it's highly likely, that her livelihood is dependant on this sort of content and promotion.

This all being said, we hope to have her content back as soon as possible. If needed, there are countless more reasons that could be listed. Until then, game on.