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Fortnite is a big Problem.

Our kids Play Fortnite all the time.Today alone, several local news outlets have reported ongoing problems with Fortnite and its incredibly strong hold it has on students. Older students ultimately voted in opposition to banning and the school went on to warn parents the game is not suitable for younger Children.Another school went a more detailed route and banned Fortnite dances like "Floss" and other emotes. Head teacher Miss Wuest went on to explain these dances were being used to "surround and intimidate other children" and that Fortnite is showing "obsessive and overactive behavior" in students that Play this game. A Parent also said:"You won't be held hostage by your kids screaming and having spastic tantrums if you actually parent your kids rigorously. It's OK to have a day where you let them go hard on occasion, but the general routine should be controlled and closely supervised. This goes for all three of my children actually." We Need to ban Fortnite in every single european country.A 9 year old girl was sent to rehab because of Fortnite.

Miss Sumison is Talking about her son:""Now that school is out for the summer, he is home alone all day and I think it’s safe to say he plays that game from the minute he wakes up until I make him turn it off when I get home. I would say at least six hours per day on the weekdays, weekends I am home so I limit the time to one to three hours a day.""Each time it has been the same situation," she said. "At about 11pm on a Friday night, I’ve asked him to turn the game off and go to bed. He agrees and turns it off and heads downstairs to his room. I wake up around 4 or 5 on a Saturday morning and he is in front of the TV playing the game."

Our Children get addicted. Please sign this for our Children, for a better world, for a better Future. Because i believe in the Children our future.