Investigate Axel Voss for undermining citizens digital rights in Europe

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We're asking our representatives and institutions to investigate and consider suspending Axel Voss, the rapporteur for the Copyright Directive, for potential conflict of interest and subversion of democracy within the European Union.

Mister Axel has launched several extreme proposals aimed at regulating the internet, which are in direct conflict with not just European law but the fundamentals of democracy itself. This includes Article 11, known as the Link Tax, which would require paying websites in order to even post links to their articles... as well as Article 13, known as the Censorship Machine, which mandates that all websites install inaccurate filters that scan for copyrighted content and forbid users from uploading what they detect. Both would destroy the internet as we know it and lead to an unprecedented censorship regime on par with the firewall of Communist China.

As a native European citizen, I consider his behavior a direct threat to my fundamental liberties as a person, a fear our citizens should no longer have to live with in my opinion. We do not believe it's normal for the EU to appoint people capable of suggesting such fundamentally broken and authoritarian ideas, aimed against technologists and ordinary citizens first and foremost. They do not represent us and greatly undermine our trust in the Union as a whole.

Efforts were made by both tech experts and rights groups to explain to mister Voss that his proposals are impossible and / or inefficient, out of touch with the modern reality of the digital era, as well as a huge threat to our basic online liberties and digital rights. In response, he has mockingly made them even worse instead. This exposes a conflict of interest and potential acts of corruption, by proving that mister Voss works against the citizens he's obligated to represent in order to serve other private interests: A representative that opposes the well being of the people they're supposed to work for is not carrying out their duties accordingly, and may additionally be subject bribery.

Please stand with your citizens for an open and respectful society: Additional to opposing Articles 11 and 13 of his Copyright Directive, investigate Axel Voss for conflict of interest and promoting ideas that go against the spirit of free society, then determine whether he's fit to continue serving the EU from his current function. We have the right to be represented by individuals who can respect us and support a free and progressive Europe, not individuals willing to threaten open technology and our fundamental freedoms without a second thought.